Help! Looking for non colored pocket monthly dividers.

Hi all

Hubby has a problem that I've been trying to help him solve for some time. His office keeps an on-line calendar, he uses multiple computers and a hand held, and has connectivity issues, he also uses a paper calender (primarily monthly) that he writes his appointments on. Between him and his secretary they were always confusing appointments. I suggested they were using to many different type of planning tools and if they were committed to both paper and computer that my Husband should print out his monthly calendar and write any new appointments and changes on it and give it to his secretary daily to add or change appointments noted.

What I thought he could do was use a monthly tabbed pocket dividers to slip his printed monthly calendars into. It needed to be something he could access quickly and regularly so a full protective sleeve tabbed divider was not an option. We use the colored avery plastic slant pocket tabbed dividers at home and really like them. But they are colored and hubby definitely prefers uncolored. He thinks uncolored looks more professional and doesn't interfere with any color coding he may be using for other things elsewhere.
After multiple searches I have not been able to find what we are looking for. But this is what I did find; Avery has a white paper tabbed slashed pocket model; but we truly feel plastic is sturdier, as I already mentioned Avery also has plastic colored slant pocket tabbed dividers; which are close to perfect accept that they are colored. Avery also has plastic clear slant pocket non tabbed dividers; problem is they don't have tabs. I've thought of buying tabs to apply to the clear non tabbed pocket dividers but I'm not sure what to use and I want it to look professional and sturdy.

Does anyone have any suggestions of either uncolored plastic slant pocket tabbed dividers or good quality tabs that will stick on clear plastic slant pocket un-tabbed dividers?

Oh, last but not least, did I mention he is using a Planner Pad 7 hole punch notebook.:::sigh::: I have to hole punch everything or he has to break down and get a new system and notebook.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

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Try this..

An off-the wall suggestion.

Get the very heaviest page protectors you can find. The heaviest-duty, thickest, strongest, etc.

Print a 'scrap' copy of a calendar. Grab a piece of cardstock or cardboard that will fit into the page protector and slide both the calendar and the cardstock into it and get them positioned properly.

Now get out your x-acto knife and cut a window into just the facing side of your page protector. You're cutting out a window so he'll be able to write on his calendar without taking it out of the pocket, basically. You have to leave a margin around the entire edge of the paper so it will stay 'held' in the pocket--you need at least a half inch around all four sides, probably.

When done, remove the scrap calendar and cardstock and slip the 'real' calendar into the pocket. Voila, a page protector that only protects the side of the calendar you don't use.

As long as you ONLY cut the front side of the protector, the back side will stay strong and keep things from getting too wishy washy. A piece of cardstock under the calendar helps too, if the plastic itself isn't enough.



Go for the clear slash pockets and use one of Avery's laser/inkjet printable tab products
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Double up on dividers...

What if he used both the Avery plastic clear slant pocket non tabbed dividers and a standard tabbed monthly paper dividers?

The back of standard divider could be used storing sticky notes, while the front would look very professional.

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