Greetings from Kansas

Hello to all!! What a fascinating website!! and it's free! Wow! I've been studying and reading for days now and just ordered my first Circa products. Is this how it begins???!!!?? The obsession! I hope not. But what wonderful ideas, creativty and talent! And generousity. Thanks for the 20% discount too.

I've already decided to go the GTD route and have already run into my first snag. I ran the FrankenForm to test my printer and no matter what changes I make that form still prints out green. I did a print "test page" from the printers properties and it checked out perfect. Sooo...any suggestion??? It is a HP 7350 printer (my Epson broke down so this is a temporary fix). I'm ready to get started as soon as I get rid of this green!


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You don't want it to???

I _make_ my printer print in green! I like the forms in green. However, at least, when I do that, the blacks are black, just the greys are green.

A couple questions. Do you have a setting to print in colors? I would check that. Secondly, is it possible your printer is running out of ink? Try printing something else from another program and see if that prints green also...


I did try printing other stuff

Hi Jon
Thanks for your reply!
Yeah, I printed something else with color and it was fine, but I wondered about the black ink being almost out. I just put in a new color cartridge...but there are not warning signings telling me I'm low or out of black like it did with the color. The green doesn't look too bad, but when I don't have a choice it is irritating! What if I want purple?!? Oh, and I do have it set to print black text only...another time I tryed the grey scale. Everything I could find that said choose anyting but color. It helped some but wasn't what it needed to be. I may have to buy black ink!




I hope to read more as you settle into a system that works for you. :)

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Thanks! Your Artwork has got me stirred up, too!

I looked at your art work. Wow! And then it got me to thinking about maybe there is a website I could enter my kind of artwork and so I googled it and came up with A really cool website for all kinds of art, including photography, etc. They have contests too and winnings. etc. So thanks for the idea and your support!! I'm anxious to get started here. My cira stuff should arrive thursday,can't wait. I'll stay in touch. You too! Bye Sara.


YEAH!! It now works!!

Just thought yah'al like to know (hahaha) that I got rid of my green! I did need a new black cartidge and now everything is printing a nice grayscale. My circa products will be here the meantime I am busy printing out these lovely forms that someone was so gracious to share. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all!!