Taking apart a planner

How have people taken apart planners to individulize them?
I like the Moleskine weekly but hate that it doesnt have a monthly box type calendar.
I would like to put one in>

I also have ALIFE planner but it is too bulky. I would like to get some of the free writing pages out. How do I get them out with doing damage?

Any ideas?

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Do you own or save yourself the trouble

At-A-Glance has it.
See: http://tinyurl.com/2aqmbg

Chop, chop?

I've never tried this with a bound planner...but I've had a similar need with all my bound piano books. I've had real good luck with paying our Production department at work to cut the bindings off. A commercial-grade cutter can cut precisely so close to the edge of the page that it doesn't remove content, just the glued binding. I then reinforce the page edges (usually a strip of clear tape), punch them, and put them in notebooks. This might work for a planner, too. You could punch the reclaimed pages for circa, 3-hole, or whatever binder you want to use.