Ruled Paper to use in Circa

Has anyone found a good ruled paper that I can use with my Circa? I would love to find some kind of heavy weight ruled paper that I can cut or have cut to fit in my Junior and Micro PDA without having to order from Levenger. Also, their paper is 60lb - is that the same as cardstock? It feels thinner than what I think of as cardstock.

Thanks for your help!

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Print your own.


I print my own. I like a narrower rule than anyone out there produces, so I buy 24lb paper and print my own.

60 lb paper is not the same as cover stock or card stock. Cover and card are thicker and stiffer than 60 lb text paper. You might have to go to a print shop to get text paper that nice and heavy. Office supply stores often carry up to 32lb, but I don't remember seeing anything heavier.


See if this clarifies

Paper "Weight" Conversion Chart

60# text is about the same as 24# bond

You should have a Staples nearby (everyone does !)
I have tried, with excellent results, the Staples brand 24# and 28# inkjet papers and the 32# laser/color copier paper. I would do links, but Staples wants your zipcode before they will show products.

Try: --> Office Supplies --> Paper & Pads --> (Inkjet Paper) or ( Laser Paper)
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Thank You!!!

Ygor - thank you!!! I couldn't figure out the "conversion" between all the weights. I was in Office Depot last week and saw 24, 28, and 32 (and even 40 and 50 - that's "brochure paper") but thought I needed 60lb to rival the quality of levenger. I'm going to go back and pick up 32.

I was hoping to avoid printing but I guess that's not an option - shell out for the real deal or go without lines. Darn.

Print great paper from here:

They start out with kinds of graph paper, but if you scroll down a bit you'll see the templates for writing paper. You can set the size of paper you're printing to, the color and weight the line will print, and how many lines per inch. I use them a lot to print various patterns or lines as needed.

Mary Ann

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What a great site! Thank you for posting this link!


Ask Office Depot to do it for you...

Create your own page (either ruled or graphed) then have Office Depot copy/print it for you on the paper you select and buy in the store. It'll probably still be less than buying the "real deal". If you're needing something smaller than letter (classic?) you can have them chop it as well.

No prob. Happy to help

BTW, there's always my Dynamic Template: DIY Notes - One Page at a Time
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Rollabind has great heavy paper

I have gone through the Rollabind website for heavy duty paper. They are much cheaper than Levenger

Thanks and Staples

Thanks for all the replies. I went by Staples to buy 32 lb paper and I also picked up some Rolla brand ruled refills - i think these will work for me.

Clairefontaine and Rhodia are smooth

and I like the lighter, thinner lines. I buy top-bound pads and Circa punch them myself. But that's more expensive than bulk Rollabind, I expect.

I do have a lot of Rolla paper I use when aesthetics don't matter so much.