Downloads go Bazerk!!!!! Why?

I don't know why, but everytime I get one of those "open" or "Save" dialogues to download a file from here, when I hit open it starts flashing all over my screen like I just landed on the jackpot of virus-city!! Now that being said, according to all of my securities, I'm just fine and clean. So what gives??? It is making me nervous. The last one was on the form for Song lists.


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specific link?

Can you give us a link to this particular download? There are now so many forms, and I don't remember any song list forms.


You asked for the particular download?

The particular name is: "Song Tracker." and the file is I don't have any problems with the .pdf files just the .odg about five different times with different files. The dialogue asks you do you want to run or save and either answer causes my screen to flash on and off like I just got bomb barded with a virus!

Hope this helps!


It Happened Again! File #6 and counting

When I down loaded this file: and then opened it, a windows Internet Explorer window begins flashing on and off for at least five minutes until it finally quits and this another small window pops up with this message: "The filename or extension is too long." Please let me know that you are getting my messages and what is going on...okay? Thanks.


Flashing Again! File #5

It doesn't look like my .message the time before posted so I'll do it again. It pretty much is the same as the last one (#6). The file was called "Song Tracker" not Song List

Let me know.


multiple extensions


Some of these files have multiple extensions ( and others have underlines. I wonder if these are what are messing her up?

I don't know if this will help, but if your browser allows you, try changing the file names before you save--in the window where it lets you choose where to download the file, see if you can rename the files. If so, shorten the names, remove the underlines and multiple extensions, leaving just the last one, and see if that helps.

If that doesn't help, maybe Ygor can rename the files??? It does seem to be maybe some sort of malware-blocking software--looking for trojan horses, or whatever, by looking for multiple file extensions (I seem to recall this was a problem some years ago with Windows virii). these are my guesses, and I hope they help.


File #7 and counting,

Well this time is was: DIY

I'm sticking with the .pdf files for now

Let me know what you find out.


File #7 and counting,

Well...this is twice now I have to resubmit these two messages ( File#6 & File#7). I submit them during the flashing problem and they just disappear.

Soo.. File #7 was

And the same message: file name or extension too long.

I'm going to stick with the .pdf files for now. No problem with them.

Please let me know.


Consider disinfecting your computer

I just downloaded all the files you mentioned without problem.
I do not believe there is any problem with the files or with this site.

Please check out your machine for bugs and such.
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No problem here

I tested the Song Tracker file and had no problems.

Sounds like a gremlin on your end. Sorry :(

Have Cleaned Everything, did fine something!

Okay...I ran everything you can think of on my computer and I found one thing: Malware in the moderate range. Should be squeaky clean now. I will try one of those files again. Thanks for your help! I'll let you know how it went.



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