Ryan, what's up with the eBay store?

I've been watching the Levenger eBay store slowly dwindle down from awesome deals, to deals on pen refills, to now nothing...sadly. Is it coming back or is it gone forever? I keep hitting the bookmarked page hoping I'll see some auctions. (Hell, even if it's just pen refills, that would be cool.)

Please tell us it's coming back!

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Wondering this myself...

I sort of thought it was down in reaction to the new ebay costs, but it's weird to see the store still there, just nothing in it.

It was a cunning plan

to sell off items that were being discontinued soon or had been mismonogrammed in my opinion. It certainly got me to buy some things I wouldn't have at full price, the shipping was slightly cheaper too. It seemed like a good strategy to boost sales at Christmas time...


That's how I view--sort of as an outlet store--to get rid of oddball returns or end-lot items....

but I suspect it's something that wouldn't be needed all the time. I'm sure it's a hassle to run for them, so they will hold on until they have a bunch more (probably once per quarter at the most, and possibly, as you stated, once per year), and then do a whole batch. In other words, something to keep a casual eye on. ;-)


I'm kind of bummed that Ryan

I'm kind of bummed that Ryan hasn't chimed in with the official word. I know the person that was running the eBay store was causing some issues, but I believe that person was leaving...perhaps they are still looking for a replacement?

Levenger Ebay Store is BACK!!

All 21 items apparently listed on 29 March. I'm SO glad to see its return!