Looking for discontinued Levenger bookshelf

About 4-5 years ago, Levenger carried a wood desktop book stand, about 15"wide x 8.5" deep, divided into four bays, with a sloping base to keep the books from sliding out. I bought one and it has been one of the most useful (non-paper!) products I ever bought from Levenger.

Now my wife is looking for a bookstand for her desk, and would love one like mine. But I have been unable to find one on eBay or anywhere else on the Web. Could anyone help me:

-- Find one for sale/swap,

-- Find a similar alternative, or even just

-- Tell me its name so I can Google it!


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Book Incline



que ygor," ... " ;)

I am unable to find any of the book inclines within our system. Knowing the name, perhaps you could start a tracker RSS for any new sales in secondary market.

ex: Head to Technorati or Icerocket, search for "book incline" AND Levenger, subscribe to the resulting RSS feed.

example feed


shouldn't that be....

" touché, ygor"? ;-)

As to the incline--ooooo! I see the value of something like that! I would love to have that on my desk, keeping my active reading projects or reference books and Bibles at hand! Looking at it, it would require some tools I don't have to make one on my own... Maybe time for a visit to Ikea, and see what I could hack together. Thanks Ryan!


Bookshelves at Ikea


If you find something at Ikea, please let us know!


Hey ! I resemble that remark :)

Ryan has the advantage of the Levenger's Archives so he can find out the product name. Without that, even Google is not much help -- I tried and came up empty, so I did not post.
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Book Incline!

That's the one! Thanks a bunch, Ryan. I will set up some feeds and see if any fish nibble.

@Ygor: thanks for looking. If you couldn't find it, then it's not to be found! :-D