Another crazy Brit

well hello!!!

I'm Helen, a 23 year old crazy person from England. how do you do?

i'm in the last couple of months of my final year at university (studying Animal bechaviour and welfare if you must know) and i have only j8ust come to realise the value of even minimal organisation!!! i've been practicing the wonderful art of procrastination for years only now i really need to get to work.

i've used a standard academic diary (week on 2 pages) this year and things have actually seemed a little better. the biggest downseide of this pre made things seems to be that i have no controll over what i can do with them. for example i've been in desperate need of a year planner this year. too often i've turned the page on a monday morning and i have an assignment sue that week that i forgot about.

i'm currently battling the rampaging hordes of ebay to get a 'cheap' A5 filofax thing that will allow me to gradully modify its function. (plus i'm looking at ones with fabric covers so i can paint my own design onto it)

any tips for a complete newbie would be very much appreciated


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Advice? Yes!

Go right away to or, and spend every penny you have on rings, a punch and some note paper. Trust me, you will do this in the end, so you might as well get it over with now. ;-)


(above entirely tongue-in-cheek)

Oh, and welcome!

A British reply

i'm in the last couple of months of my final year at university

I discovered D*I*Y Planner in the final year of my degree too. Thanks to the help of jonglass here I managed to buy a Rollabind punch cheap; even with the shipping from Poland it was still half the price it would have been if ordered from the US. The punch was really helpful when drafting my dissertation text. Could add extra pages for notes, etc as I corrected and edited the text.

And D*I*Y Planner got an honourable mention in my reflective journals as a way of organising my post-degree professional life. ;-)

I'm also a filoFax user. I like the layout of day-per-view pages in the Time Managment system. Though the binder is from my previous profession and may not be a pukka filoFax one.

Hope you graduate with a good class of degree.