Compact-size paper?

It's very hard to DIY when you don't have access to a working printer. Sigh.

I'm looking for 3.75 x 6.75 paper that isn't 6-hole punched (a la Dayrunner) already. I thought about getting half a ream or so of letter-size cut down at Office Depot, but I'd rather find paper that has lines printed on it already.

Currently I'm using some 28# laser paper I cut down by hand. It feels nice, but the edges are all off because I don't have a trimmer either. It's workable but annoying.

I wish Levenger paper was nicer. I'd just order the Circa refills if I liked the paper...

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Kinko's can print and cut

A bit pricey.

Second suggestion: buy a printer. You can get a decent inkjet for under $100. Look for custom paper size feature.
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Laser, not inkjet.

I find inkjets do a poor job for printing forms, lined paper, etc.

You can buy a decent laser for under $100 as well (and toner is much, much cheaper than ink). If you must have colour, colour lasers are under $300 and the cheaper toner prices will have paid for the printer by the time you use up the first cartridges.

What is a good one under $100??

For that price, I'd go for one. Is there one you know of that is good?

be forewarned re: laser

color laser is still a long way from inkjet when it comes to photographical reproductions. If you want to do photos as well, consider an inkjet. Also, IIRC, often, color lasers require specific paper for printing color. That will be something you want to verify before you plunk down the cash.

However, if you want inkjet, I'm partial to Canon--just about anything from Canon.



I've lost my job due to an at-work injury and am having to go on Social Security disability. So money's super-tight right now. A new printer is not an option, and won't be for a while. Sigh...

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