Esterbrook Pastel Purse Pen

I have acquired an Esterbrook pastel purse pen. First, the nib would not twist off but I saw this problem already asked in the forum and your replies to it, so I am soaking it in soapy water for a while--thank you! Now I noticed that the neck which holds the nib is loose on the body--it does not drop off when held in the writing position, but a very slight pull will remove it. Is this the way it is supposed to be? There doesn't seem to be any screw on threads so I don't know how to tighten it. Anyone ever encountered this problem? Thanks for any suggestion.

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I would say if your section isn't loose enough to come off easily (i.e. while writing), don't worry about it too much. Maybe just check now and then to make sure it's pushed in all the way.

I wouldn't recommend you do anything like glue it as that'll make it more difficult to resac later.

Try asking on a pen forum like if there's anything you can do for it...I'm not sure if there are any fixes out there.