Hipster PDA Kit, I can only see tabs and a cover in the zip file

Am I doing something wrong? I see what looks like a mac folder and a PC folder. Each just has the cover and tabs in it.

Also, does anyone know if this is updated with a 2008 calendar? (Weekly that is)

Thanks, Nola

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which version?

There are three downloads on the template page. Which did you download? My copy is older, but I have two folders--covers and tabs, and a pdf at the same level of the two folder--no Mac & PC stuff, though--just the folders and pdfs. Oh, the 4-up has two pdf files in it--one core, and one calendar.




Try using this link to download the Hipster forms in a 4-up fashion. The calendars in the package are not updated, for those... you'll need to use Ygor's dynamic calendar program(s) (available in all flavors of OS).

If you're still having issues, email me and we'll troubleshoot your issues.


Figured it out

Okay, now I get it. The covers and the tabs are each in their own little folder and the main bulk of it is in the folder called 'core'. I missed that and I wasn't clicking on the PDF file. So now it all makes sense, and for the updated calendar, I'll just use the dynamic templates.

The monthly card looks awesome.

Thanks everybody, Nola