Stirring things up....what about a 4x6 planner?

I hate to be the "difficult" person around here but what about a 4x6 planner? I guess I'm the type of person who does not necessarily want the 5x8 size (too big for me) and I do not like the 3x5 Hipster style (too small).

I have been using a 4x6 binder. The inside page templates were bought from an online store. The pages are nice and but I'm always looking for more styles.

So far, I really like the flexibility of my 4x6 binder. It allows me just enough room to write. I can throw it into my purse without cramming it. It's perfect for when I move about the house (stay at home mom) to make calls or to do list stuff.

My 4x6 binder is from OfficeMax. I just bought it a couple of weeks ago for $2.49. It has an inside pocket, a D-ring that holds 100 index cards, and has 2 dividers. I'm so bad, I bought three of these binders...just in case. You never know how things are discontinued. They come in blue, green, orange, brown, black and off white. I have two blue and one green.

I also bought the 4x6 monthly index tab guides that you would probably use in an index card box. I will instead hole punch and insert into my binder.

To me, these 4x6 binders are really neat. I have some pictures posted.

Has anyone thought about creating templates using this size at all?

If anyone is interested in this binder, it is not sold on OfficeMax's website. I have found it at two different OfficeMax stores.

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Different is not necessarily diffucult

Being both, I should know :)

Part of what I think DIYPlanner is about is finding what works for you. If 4x6 works for you, then you go, girl !!

You should be able to use the Dynamic Templates. I am working on revisions that will add single page versions of day/week/month and other generic templates like in the Notes (graph paper, etc.)
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Quarter Letter, too


I second ygor's dynamic templates. As long as your printer will accept the card size as a custom page, you can print to 4x6 from the template tool.

Also, 4x6 is not very much different from the Quarter Letter size I was using for a while (4.25x5.5). I posted some templates in that size, along with the original files so you can edit them yourself.

So you could use the dynamics to print out some things, and grab the quarter-letters and tweak them a bit for your own use.


Checking those out!

Wow! Thanks so much. You know, there is so much stuff on this site, it gets kind of hard to find my way around. I'm glad I asked though.

Thanks again,

I like 4x6 too, but I've got

I like 4x6 too, but I've got several binders for classic and letter size, plus a Filofax personal size binder I never use, and hate to start a new collection.

But 4x6 is definitely my favorite size for index cards, and I carry some of those around all the time for notes.

Thanks for posting this, I think I'll go get a couple of these for my index cards!

Another 4x6 user

I totally agree about 4x6 for a hipster PDA. I find that it is just right for weekly and daily planning. Larger size pages and it's too easy to fill the page up with stuff that would be nice to accomplish, but will never get done in the time frame, which leads to disappointment/depression...

I have not yet tried the dyamic templates; the 3x5 templates don't work for me.

If you're on a Mac, iCal will print a month on a 4x6 sheet. In order to maximize the size of each day's square, it helps to click OFF all calendars except Holidays, and to click OFF mini-months and also to click OFF the calendar key.

I use an 8-square grid for the week, handwriting in the days/dates w/ the 8th square for Info/Misc

I have worked up a bunch of my own templates in Pages and in AppleWorks I'd be glad to share if there's interest- I've also made my own yearly calendar in an AppleWorks spreadsheet that will print on one 4x6.

For future planning, I use a 4x6 w/ a 6-square grid printed both sides; Jan - june on one side and July - Dec on the other side. Important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, Dr. and other appts, dates kids fly to/fro school etc are written in the appropriate square.