Journal review: Exacompta Journey

I ordered an Exacompta "Journey" pocket journal from Pear Tree Pens. It arrived yesterday. It's really nice. It's about Moleskine-sized, maybe 1/4" wider and 1/2" taller.

The cover is leather and smells wonderful. (I love the smell of leather.) My chosen cover is black with a spiral design on the front. The journal has an elastic closure strap that's a bit wider and sturdier than a Moleskine's. There is no built-in bookmark, though.

The paper is wonderful to write on with my fountain pens. I tried my Pilot VP, fine point, with Noodler's Legal Lapis ink, and barely had any show-through on the back of the page. My extra-fine Lamy Vista, with Levenger Amethyst ink, showed through more, but still not horribly. There was absolutely no feathering -- the lines I put down were perfectly crisp, and the texture of the paper is a dream to write on.

There are 92 pages, bright white with dark gray lines. The page lines are slightly narrower than Moleskine's, so it may not be a good journal for someone with large handwriting. Just a warning.

The Journey notebooks come in two sizes, pocket and a larger model. There are multiple cover designs and colors for each size. I paid $12 plus $3 shipping (USPS first class with tracking) for mine. It was my first order from Pear Tree Pens, and my only complaint is that it took forever for the charge to show up on my debit card. The customer service was excellent, and the journal shipped really quickly. I had it five days after I ordered it.

I think i may have found my ideal journal. Exacompta makes many different journals and notebooks, so I can try different styles and colors while getting the same wonderful paper every time. I'm quite excited! (And I've spoken with the owner of Pear Tree Pens -- he's willing to special-order any Exacompta journal he doesn't carry. Which is cool, because Exacompta makes some different refillable covers that I like and may order someday.)

So I definitely recommend the Journey notebooks. I can't wait to finish the last five pages of my Moleskine so i can move on to the Journey...

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I'm a couple of pages into the journal, and writing in it is pure joy. I forgot to mention that the paper is Clairfontaine... I'm using my fine Pilot VP. It practically floats over the page. Yum.

Okay. I'll go back to drooling on my journal in private... ;)

Thank you for your review!

Sounds like you found a really great journal. I was particularly interested when you mentioned the lines are a bit narrower. I think most journals are way too wide-lined for my handwriting (I feel like I'm wasting half the page). I might have to check these out when I finish my moleskine.

Congratuations on your find...and thanks for sharing!