stephen covey 7 habits planner

I used to use the monarch size planner from Franklin Planners. I did not purchase one this year, was debating what system to buy. decided I had the the insides from previous year, hole punch etc so I would stick with this size and format. Just splurged and bought a new expensive binder from them. then went back to order the 7 habits and they were sold out, no longer going to have it in monarch size, etc etc. so I bought someting generic to put into the binder which starts in april, but it doesn't have the blocks in it, for places to write goals for personal work home etc. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a monarch sized planner that I could insert into this system that would meet my needs. right now I basically own a calender and I was looking for alot more in the way of organizational ideas from the system.


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Different style ?

Could you use a different style or does the Seven Habits style have a unique feature that you prefer ?
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I liked that it had more

I liked that it had more organizational features to it based on the seven habits. I could use a different style but the only style the franklin planner now offers in that size (monarch is letter size) is just a plain calender with lined pages on the other side for nots, with the column running up and down where you abc your tasks. alot of money just for that I think. I found this site because it appears that this group searches for many different ways to organize their time, I was hoping there might be a different system, same size, that I might use instead of franklin covey.

What you can find here...

are tools and resources to do your own planner yourself.

First (silly) question: Are you happy with the way your current planner is set up ? If so, then it is just a simple matter to come up with templates to print out your own. Otherwise, you have to figure out what you want.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Probably already done....

There is probably already a template here that would be close to what you are looking for... It is just a matter of finding it. Since there are many of us who have paged through every single template design on the site, we can hopefully narrow it down for you, but you need to tell us SPECIFICALLY what you are looking for on each page. I do not know off hand what 7 habits planner pages look like, so you need to help us out, so we can in turn help you out!

I will cruise over to the FC site and see if I can learn more in the mean time!

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wow, thank you for that

wow, thank you for that effort. not sure what all of this means, finding emplates on this site, etc but when I get back home I will look at the actual page and see if I can describe it.

and yes thank you very very much.

Sisler - Templates

Regarding finding templates on this site... In the upper right hand corner of this site, there is a purple box with Templates on it. If you click there, you will find pages and pages of templates that have been submitted by the makers of D I Y Planner and by all of the users of the site. So, you can page through there and download pdf's, word files, and excel files of templates for just about everything you can think of. For example, there are dog care records, garden planting and planning, Weight Watchers, FlyLady, every type of calendar spread, and sooooooo much more. Check it out, have fun! And let us know what you are looking for and maybe someone here will develop it for you, or we can teach you how to make a template and share it with all of us!

That's all for now. Let us know what those pages look like so we can help you out!

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sisler the Diy version of the pages you are looking for

I love love love this site and I have looked at almost every single template we'e got .. or dougs got. What i think your looking for is weekly pages with the 7 habits peice along side. Franklin Covey (FC) has stopped Doug the owner of this site from using anything based on those prinipals .
Doug being a genious created a very special template called the Harmony template that works on the same wave. So if you use the 7 habits on a weekly basis I'd just print a harmony page for each week. If you like to sewt your goals at the begining of the month one per month ought to do the trick

I've got an old download...

I have a PDF file of DIY 2.0 that has the Covey pages in it in Classic size, but not sure if it's cool to offer if there are issues re: using Covey's name. Any opinions?

7 habits planner

To happegal:
Would like to know more. Used the 7 habits planner for a long time and would like to continue but am concerned it is no longer available. It seems it was a good thing and should keep on going. I know digital may be competing. Is this something you are willing to share? Thanks. LDR

Scan or photo an example

You could scan or photo one of your Covey sheets and post here so you can be directed to the closest thing. And or browse the purple Templates link at the top right.

7 Habits - templates of possible interest

Here are templates on this site that might be close to what you are looking for, or at least a start:

Welcome :-)