Help with Custom Paper Sizes in OS X Leopard?

Apologies if this has already been covered; if so, please point me to the relevant thread . . .

I had created custom paper sizes in Tiger to print out various sizes of forms. Now I'm using Leopard, and I find that Apple has replaced the old custom paper management with . . . nothing. There doesn't seem to be a way to edit or add paper sizes. The old custom sizes still show up in the paper size list, but they're grayed out. (For whatever reason, Apple left the "Manage Custom Sizes" option in the menu, though.)

I've hit various support group boards and people are reporting the same thing, but no one seems to have found a solution. I didn't find anything in Apple support either.

Anyone here know the secret -- if indeed there is one?

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That's a bummer

I mean, to take away that option.... One more nail in the coffin for me to not switch to Leopard. I had wanted the new features, but they seemed to have taken away features at the same time... I sure hope this gets "fixed" soon. I wonder if anybody has reported this as a bug?


Doesn't 'Manage Custom Sizes' do what you want?

Can't you recreate the sizes by adding them to the list on the Manage Custom Sizes?

I'm assuming the printer is the same that you were printing to under Tiger.

Leopard has been very well-behaved for me and I'm loving Time Machine as well as Quickview. Wouldn't want to have to give those up!

Printer Drivers ?

I have not gone to Leopard yet because two of the four Macs I use fall below the specs -- one is a G3, the other is an 800 MHz G4

Custom paper sizes, in my experience, are part of the printer driver-ware.
Have you updated your drivers ?
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Paper management in Leopard

Thanks for the feedback!

@jonglass: For me, Leopard has been averaging a bee sting for every two tastes of honey. Things seem to have settled down now that they're up to 10.5.2, but then I keep stepping in little turds like this scattered throughout the grass. (Sorry for the excessive metaphor use!). From what I've seen on the various discussion boards, several people have filed this as a bug with Apple. I'm going to as well.

@Studio717: I can still access the existing custom sizes and create new ones using "Manage Custom Sizes," but nevertheless they remain grayed out on the Paper Sizes drop-down. Hence my puzzlement about why they left the Manage option in there at all.

@ygor: Good thought. I do have a fairly old Samsung ML-1710. Samsung issued a new driver for Leopard, which I am using, but I'll check to see if there's a newer one. I'm getting a new printer on Tuesday anyway, which might have a new set of customizable options to work with.

In the meantime, I've kludged a temporary fix. I prefer to print cards directly out of OmniGraffle, so I spent a half hour and a dozen index cards moving the card template around on the canvas and test printing until I got something that lined up. The template has to dangle off the lip of the canvas for this to work, but it's better than nothing for now . . .