anyone else try EverNote 3.0 beta?

I've used EverNote on Windows whenever I have a chance - a great program if you want a digital way to track all your notes & bits and pieces of info you need. At home I use Journler on my Mac.

Earlier this week I saw that EverNote 3.0 is in beta, but they have changed things up a bit. This new version hooks up with a web service and the programs syncs up your notes with the web service. It looks like it's going to be free, I think?

Anyway, for the remaining 3 hours of today, they are giving away EverNote 2.2 and accounts for the beta which is currently invite-only. One thing I found out - I was able to download the program and just cancel out of the box that asks for my password to keep my notes locally without an account on the web service. I'm not sure if that is recommended or how well that works?

This new version does most of the stuff the old one does, plus it does text recognition in images. It is even supposed to do handwriting recognition! I'll have to play with that later, this might be a great program to scan papers I want to keep into.


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I got it today, too. I like

I got it today, too. I like your idea of scanning in documents. I always wondered what the handwriting recognition is good for. So far it seems good, like a vastly improved Google Notebook, in that you can access all your notes online. But I'm not sure it has all the features regular Evernote has. I will be interested to hear what you learn, and I'll tell you if I learn anything worthwhile.

No PDFs :(

I had high hopes for it but when I tried to import PDFs into the Evernote beta for the Mac, all I got was the file path as a text string. I can see where what it does do well would serve some nicely, but I use (and am happy with) Yojimbo for info-bits, and Circus Ponies' Notebook for clippings and other web-stuff, with Devonthink Pro for PDFs and other research, and will apparently keep on doing so.

The ability of Evernote to scan and 'see' text in images had made me think it could do the same for PDFs, but it can't. Note, too, that to scan the images for text, the image has to be uploaded to Evernote's webserver (as opposed to being in the Evernote on your computer).

Still, it's a nice app. Once I realized I couldn't use it to store and search PDFs, I pretty much gave up on doing any more indepth exploring.

(The handwriting recognition would be nice with either a tablet or a Tablet PC.)

EverNote 3.0 PDF import

I was listening to a podcast earlier today and one of the people on the Podcast was raving about EN 3.0 and said he had already requested PDF import as a feature. Hopefully the developers listen & do it at least for the Mac & maybe Windows version.

I think the convert to PDF idea is more of a Mac feature than Windows.

One thing that I'm not terribly excited about - the handwriting & text recognition is done on the server side so anything you want to use those features for has to be stored on their server at some point.

I've also heard that after the beta there will be a free and previous version. I'm not sure what the difference will be.


Evernotes: Online Storage of my Notes?

Looks like they are trying to transition Evernote into a web/server-based application. I understand the "access from anywhere" concept, but I pretty much have that now with a synced USB Flash drive. What I really don't like is that they seem to be pushing a "sharing" aspect in EN3. I don't like programs that want you to store all your data on their servers and push the "sharing" aspect. A lot of them end up with the "public" and "Private" selections you must make with every item, and they usually try to have as much default to "Public" or "Shared" as possible.

IF I were to store all my notes online on a server, it will be my own server. I don't keep notes anywhere that I would want shared with the public, and I don't want to have any of my personal information stored on someone else's server. Even if they are very honorable, they could always get bought out and your stored information then is held on a completely unknown entity's server. (Like Google, which provides some great programs and services free of charge, but which is also the king/queen of using their users' information for profit!)

I sure hope that they will support Evernote 2.2 because I think that might be the last version of Evernote that I will use.


local notes

This latest version of EverNote allows you to create multiple notebooks, and one of the options is to create a notebook with the "Local Notebook" option checked. This could be a good option if there is no limit to how much stuff you can keep in a local notebook.