Back To The Basics...

I started a new job in the fall... and things are certainly different than anything I have experienced in the past. I work at a local magazine - I'm the "Editorial Production Designer" ... what you see is what I did. I layout all the pages that have editorial on them - pictures, text, etc.

I had an okay system going when I was "learning the ropes"... I had check lists on index cards and detailed notes in my circa notebooks. But now I find myself not using them often since things are becoming second nature.

I recently rejoined the land of the organized. but as i know many of you can relate - I'm rehauling my system AGAIN. All-in-all I'm happy with my weekly junior sized moleskine (week on the left and notes on the right)... and I adore my Circa collection. Index cards and cute lil binder clips are a must-have. My bills are getting paid on time so that side of things is going well. I just want to find away to tie everything together.

Now I just need to get myself into a new rhythm without losing a step.

I found this fun little idea for organizing reciepts and index cards. There are patterns for making your own envelopes all over the web too. Cute, no? LINK

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Cute & Simple

VERY cute idea and it looks pretty simple. This little Envelope Accordian could be used for SOOOOO many things. Thanks for the link!

The best part is you can

The best part is you can make your own envelopes any size out of any paper :) the possibilities are endless! I can't wait to get to the store to buy some new paper :D

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yay sara! this rules. i have yet to read it (at work atm) but i have bookmarked it for later perusal. i think this is one i'll make at home.



I'm excited about making a couple of these for gifts also - itll be great for in the car or purse :D

take care hun.

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I did a variation...

I got so excited when I saw this I made one immediately, from ordinary envelopes. Then, I got to thinking that envelopes would get messed up too soon, so I opened it into one long string and covered the back with pretty Contac paper. Accordianed it again and left it under the dictionary overnight to get it creased good. Nice and flat and looks great this morning. When folded it looks like a flowered envelope. I decided it would be my coupon sorter...WAY flatter/more compact than the coupon sorter I bought that's almost worn out anyway.

Any chance of you sharing

Any chance of you sharing pictures? :D

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Sorry...don't have the technology.

I'm afraid the only digital camera I have is my cellphone and I don't know how to get pictures off the camera.

btrgrnmal !! Where do you get Con-Tact paper ?

I need some for experimentation.


Just got a Cricut !
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Most anywhere...

"Contac" is just a brand of sticky-back shelf paper that's most available where I live. I cruise the shelf paper sections of Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Dollar General periodically and pick up rolls with patterns I like. They usually have clear Contac paper at Staples and the department stores when school supplies come out, advertised as book cover material. It also works as CHEAP lamination if you don't mind a matte finish!

My love affair with Contac started years ago when I made a Barbie dollhouse for my daughter by covering some Xerox boxes from work and buying the Barbie furniture. Then, I started covering journal, sketchbook, composition book covers, etc. with it. Then I discovered making envelopes by not removing the backing except from the edges where I wanted to seal the envelope. It snowballed from there.

I HIGHLY recommend experimenting. I found patterns for various things on the internet (yes, Google is my friend, too) and learned by trial and error.

Neat, thanks Sara! It is

Neat, thanks Sara! It is great to find a new site that has good clear directions too and nice colour. I haven't thought to make paper snowflakes for a long white but this site gives me the urge, even though out of season ...