Day-Week-Month Planner

Hey all,

I've been travelling on business lately and not much time to interact.

I'm trying to find a reference to a planner that was mentioned here. It has three folds and allows you to enter weekly (and, I think, monthly) recurring appointments and tasks on one section, so that you don't have to continue to enter them every week/month.

Does this sound familiar? I tried Googling, but couldn't find it nor was I able to find the mention here via a search.

Does anyone remember this planner?


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I think it was WeekDate

Try weekdate DOT com. It was mentioned in a "recurring tasks" thread, node 5353.

That's it!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have three weeks at home and I'm going to see if I can hack something like this. (c: Yippee!


Where's the forum ?

I cannot find a forum on

Or do you mean node 5353 on THIS forum ?
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this forum :)