Back from San Fran... with stuff!

I was in San Francisco last week and I bought lots of stuff.

First, I ordered aluminium disks from Myndology, which I had shipped to my hotel. They were waiting for me when I arrived. That way, I saved on international shipping. They are so cool.

I was staying at the Marriott on 4th so I went to Westfield Mall and made a fangirl of myself at Maido Stationary store. I looked and touched e-ve-ry-thing and bought three Pilot Petit1 (lime, wine and blue-black; yes, I should have bought more) one YELLOW! Platinum Preppy and a beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, Pilot Décimo, in gray, F-point. I have a Vanishing Point, but I find it too big for my hand. The Décimo is just right. I also went to Japantown at Kinokuniya and bought some more stuff, including a plastic folder with this marvelously surrealistic pseudo-French quote that only the Japanese can come up with, as well as a beautiful green furoshiki wrap for my collection of lunch boxes. To round out the shopping trip, I also went to Ichiban Kan and bought bento boxes to add to my collection at home. They were so cheap, I cried in joy!

I also bought other things that have nothing to do with pens, stationary and organization. Oh, and I also visited.

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would love photos

Am officially jealous. Would love to see photos.


Will post photos on Flickr when I get home. I got in a midnight last night and am at work today.


On my Flickr account: Right Here

I bet you're going to love that Décimo!

Lucky you to have found one here! I have two, but both were ordered from Japan. Totally agree with the size being much more comfortable to use. And if you like italic nibs, you can get them (without the pens) from Richard Binder. I will say that I usually use converters in my pens, but the Pilot cartridges hold a great deal more ink than the converter. It's a great pen - congratulations on the find! (And on all that other cool stuff, too. Love the “What would Wonder Woman do?”!) LOL

I've been filling carts for

I've been filling carts for as long as I've had Pilots. has Décimo's. So did Stylo fine pens in SF when I visited them. At a good price too.