Cool Binder Clips

This evening I saw some very cool binder clips at Staples. I thought immediately of hPDA users and knew I had to post.

Some were plaid, some had some pop-art sort of graphics, but the very coolest of them featured a wood-grain design in various shades. And the wood-grain ones were just $1.99 for a packet of 8 or 10.

I think I'll be going back tomorrow to pick some up ...


P.S. Sorry if this info has already been posted - I've been on the road and not able to keep up with my favorite subjects on-line lately.

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I picked up a pack of 16

I picked up a pack of 16 plaid ones at Staples (while on a road trip) for just 50 cents! ... always check the clearance bins :)

and a coworker gave me a gold one she found at home... lol - my reputation precedes me now.

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And I thought my pink and green ones (one of each) were cool.... ;-)

Actually, my daughter is the one who likes my pink one (more of a muted rose). But it hangs on my cork board, holding our Skype phone number, IP addresses, and wifi network name for constant reference. Pink helps me find it. ;-)

The wood grain ones sound cool. Staples is soooo far away....