Rolla notebooks at Staples and other ramblings....

I've been a big fan of this site for quite some time. I had initially just been using the templates and other documents to augment the planner system that my employer used to provide every year (I think it was Franklin Covey based) I was using mostly the specialty project forms and some of the task list and matrix forms available here for the forms that weren't provided.

This past year my employer decided to tighten the belt on the supply budget and the planner refills got the axe, so I jumped in with both feet and have gone to a complete diyplanner solution. Thanks to all of the wonderful contributors on this site, I've been able to find just about every form/insert I could want and with the widget kit and openoffice, create or modify the ones I couldn't.

I've been lusting after the Levenger Circa notebooks pretty much since I've been a member/lurker here, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on my purchases mainly because I had been using a leather zip up binder that I was first given by my employer. That binder has since bit the dust, so I'd been utilizing a junior size 3 ring binder with my diyplanner pages in it. It has worked well for me so far, but still didn't look all that presentable in meetings or on my desk. Plus taking notes in meetings with it was a pain since I couldn't fold it over on itself to write comfortably on the left pages.

I recently found some of the rolla notebooks at staples that were discussed last year on the forum posts. The main contention point on these notebooks seems to be the question of whether they are compatible with the existing rollabind/circa systems.

I just recently purchased 2 of the junior size cloth board books and a letter sized faux-leather book. The interesting thing is that the packaging states that "Rolla is a trademark of Test Rite International, Ltd." The other point to this is that they have 2 different style rings on the clothboard ones. The junior size and letter size clothboard covers have black rings with the Rollabind logo stamped on one side and a patent number on the other face. They are also available with silver non-branded rings, but the silver seems to flake off easily and looks a little cheap to me.

If anyone is interested the item information is below:
junior clothboard staples item number #643223
junior size tabbed dividers item number #672757
Letter size faux leather notebook item number #643228

My local store also carried lined paper refills for both the junior size and letter size notebooks as well as some letter sized clothboard covered notebooks.

Now if they would only carry the desk punch for the rollabind system I'd really be in business. The paper in the notebooks is not the greatest quality, but will suit my purposes for extra notes pages until I can get a punch to make my own from the diy templates I've gotten here.

Sorry to ramble on, but I'm kind of excited with finally getting my own "sort-of" rollabind notebooks without having to drop some major coin to get something other than the thin plastic covers. I'm going to pursue getting a punch in the next week or so and will probably upgrade to a levenger circa or better quality cover in a few months once I see if the system really works for me. I do like the option of being able to punch and insert just about anything into my planner system. This wasn't really an option with my orig 7 ring system or my current 3 ring system.

Hope you all are've created another addict... :)

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Rolla at Staples

I like the rolla notebooks at Staples too. I picked up a couple a few months ago and really like their feel and look. I just checked their web site and they don't have them online darn it. The closest Staples is a 1.5 hour drive from me.

Where did you find them in

Where did you find them in your Staples?!? I have looked EVERYWHERE in mine and can't find anything of the sort (but probably looking in the wrong area anyway). Any hints on where I can find the Rolla "treasure"?

Go into Staples with the numbers listed above

These items show on their inventory screens, but not on public catalogs.
This is because the stuff is considered "seasonal" or something like that.
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I found them with the other

I found them with the other notebooks and pads in the stationary area of my local store. I was thinking that they would be with the planners and other things of that sort, but nope. I was cruising the aisles while my wife was stocking up on school supplies (she's a teacher) for her class room and found them.


A recent mini road trip included a stop at Staples...

Has anyone found the faux-leather junior sized rolla notebooks at any location?

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I happen to be between two Staples locations (do I sound like I'm bragging? I'm not, really!) and they have both carried them on and off. I haven't looked lately. Someone is certainly buying them, which makes me happy, as it means that there's at least one other Rolla-nut in the area. :-)

We need to contact Staples customer service

I went back today and the meager selection from last week is now gone again. The manager said I need to contact customer service as Staples has already discontinued the letter size and is planning on discontinuing the other sizes. Interesting since she said so many people are asking for it. She said to email customer service. Please, if you are interested in these products go to and email customer service. I plan to today.

I did score a faux leather letter size to be delivered to my house thanks to y'all posting the item number but I really want a junior size.

Staples and Rolla

I just sent my email to customer services asking them to please carry these again. On Friday I will be driving to a city that has 4 Staples within 20 minutes and have started calling the stores to see if they have any letter size left in stock but so far the people answering the phone have no idea what I am talking about when I say "Staples Rolla letter sized notebook" and I have to call back to speak to someone who comes in later at each store. Wish me luck.

are you just looking for one?

you can have mine - if you want - i really wanted a jr size. i paid 11 something. pm me if you want it.

And now "Nope"

The leatherette Junior size are gone from my nearest store, through they had a couple left in letter size, and both styles in bookcloth.

As a whole, I wasn't overly impressed with the quality of the covers (I D*I*Y, after all) but it is nice having "official" refills and dividers nearby as needed. Frankly though, with my own punch, I haven't really needed them. These did seem to be seasonal, so perhaps they will vanish again over the summer, only to return in the fall for Back to School time. Or not. Rollabind may be the people to call here.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that a phase-out will force Staples to put their lap desks on clearance, since the packaging shows someone writing in a Junior Rolla book. :-D

no junior leatherettes here....

I asked at my local store and they only stock the clothboard covers in the junior sizes. I ended up getting the leather junior size circa from that was on sale for $24.95 along with a desktop punch. I've also discovered that the paper sizes in the Rolla series by Staples are a little bit smaller than a standard 5.5 x 8.5 so I'm not sure if I'll be able to put my DIY pages into them or not unless I trim them a bit more on the top or bottom, but I'll experiment a little once i get my levenger shipment. I may just use the Rolla's as a journal instead of a planner like I had originally planned. Time will tell I guess. I think I'm going to like the Circa for the planner more than the Rolla's.

Thank god for the 20% coupon code for levengers that was posted earlier. It basically knocked about 10 bucks off my order and covered the shipping.

I've also got a full size leatherette Rolla that I think I might get rid of. I don't really think I'm going to use it, the junior size seems like it will fit my needs much better. PM if you interested.

found Rolla at Staples and left some for others

I called various Staples within 1/2 hour driving distance from Winston-Salem NC where I had to go last night for a dd thing. The Staples in Kernersville NC had 4 letter sized bookcloth Rolla notebooks which I had them save for me and I bought last night. I checked the shelves and they had 4 letter sized leatherette and 4 junior sized leatherette notebooks and lots of refills for both sizes still on the shelves if anyone is still looking. I don't how Staples works but at other stores (Joann's, JC Penney) I have had them transfer stuff from another store to our local store so I could buy it locally. I haven't tried that with Staples since I don't have one locally but you may be able to get the Rolla notebooks shipped from the Kernersville store to your local store if your local store is out of them. Some stores will also ship for free (J.Jill does this) if you call in an order through a store, not through the catalog number, although I doubt Staples will do that.

thanks for updates on this topic

I like to do a huge buy by going to Manhattan--you can hit lots of Staples in a relatively short period of time. Calling ahead never helped, since the stores are so understaffed and undertrained there. If you stick to certain areas, you can rack up a lot of them. Then have them delivered for free to 1 address (since I have a small business account.)

It's exhausting, but I need to collect a LOT of Jrs and Letters for a massive project. I'll get my expenses covered, but not up front. Big publicity op but of course Staples is not committed to the line, and it's not worth it to me to deal with the Rollabind people.

So, again, thanks to everyone who gives a State of the Rolla report.

I visited both Staples near

I visited both Staples near me this weekend and both had several junior cloth covers in red, beige and blue but no junior leather-look, and a small number of letter size red cloth and leather-look. Both stores had several refills for junior, but one store only had the planner pages for letter.

Since I only use the junior planner pages I bought several refill packs and the clerk ringing me up mentioned how much he loves the Rolla line. He had not heard anything about them being discontinued.

Both locations are pretty convenient, so if anyone needs one of the above items just let me know and I can pick it up. I also have 3 sets of the To Do junior pages since they come packed with the planner pages and I won't be using them.

Rollabind in Staples (updated with detailed review)

Visited the local Staples this morning and found the junior size rollabind only. The covers were available in red with silver rings, forest green, blue and tan (all with black rings). I picked up a red and green, along with a set of tabs. They had some refill packs too, all in junior. There were no letter size of any kind.

The notebooks are decent. Comes with a page finder, a pocket page and a single tab page, and a small business card page. For the price - US$5.99 - they're a good value.

The tan is such a nice neutral color that I can see someone with artistic skill really dressing it up using pen and ink or paint.


Ok, I sat down with the Rollabind, my Circa and a handful of writing instruments. The Rollabind paper feels similar to the Circa, just not quite so smooth. The paper is also cut 1/4" shorter than standard classic size. It's not A5, because the width is still the same. Classic size still fits in the covers, but it does come right to the top and bottom of the cover. This is mildly annoying to me, but it'll still work ok I think. It's going to depend on how hard you are on your notebooks I guess.

The Rollabind paper, page finder and pocket all have the smurfs with the slightly more hemispherical dome to make it easier to turn on the rings. I bought a set of their colored tabs (US$3.99 for 3), and these have the smurfs like you get from the desk punch. Just a tad more likely to catch on the rings.

The paper is lined, with header and page number box at the top. There are 70 sheets in the book.

Trying the paper with a mechanical pencil, the writing was smooth and a little lighter than I'm used to seeing from the pencil.

Surprisingly, a Pilot G-2 felt terrible to write with! I'm used to these being slick and comfortable on everything from crappy recycled copier paper up to the more expensive stuff. Not sure what the problem is here, but it was noticeably worse than usual.

I tried five different fountain pens that vary from dry to wet lines, fine to medium, and with red, green, brown and black inks. My best writer still felt great as I wrote a couple of lines, but my usually-reliable second best pen absolutely hated the paper. It skipped and felt scratchy as I wrote. Two of the other pens felt the same way and had the same problems, and it didn't seem to matter if it was a wet line or dry, broad line or fine. There was no bleedthrough with any pen and any ink, even thought I deliberately laid it on a little heavy here and there. There was the slightest hint of ghosting on the back of the page, but not enough to keep you from using both sides of a sheet.

I believe that the trick here with this notebook and fountain pens is to experiment with what you have and find a combination of pen and ink that works well with the paper.

anyone know if Staples has them now?

I saw a cheap plastic black letter-sized one in march, but it was shoddy. I have just gotten the punch. Surprisingly, though I bought different ring sizes, mine are too big! I made a sketch pad with plain paper, for learning/practicing with, and it just sorta wobbles (transparencies and poster for covers, half-sized paper, top-punched).
I'm thinking, a nice pleather cover for an agenda pad/doodler/whatever booklet.

Probably not, but you might get lucky

From the rants and arguments elsewhere on this forum, I would suspect that Staples will not be restocking their Rolla products.
Grab any you find that you are happy with. You will probably not see them anymore once they sell out.
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can u direct me to the reasons behind staples discontinuing the rolla goodies? i thought they were getting punches and such.

i can't seem to find it with a search... ><

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Wish I knew

I tried to contact the person at Staples in charge of the test marketing expansion of Rolla stuff, but got nowhere.

My educated opinion says that Rolla's reputation for poor supply lines may be to blame again.
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i want to add a letter size

i want to add a letter size foldover to my collection... ill have to call the nearest staples before i take the hour drive :/

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Did you see this ?

I can save you the drive.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

I think: 1. Rollabind has

I think:
1. Rollabind has shoddy supply line
2. They cost too much and are too unconventional for most
3. the guys working at Staples don't understand it.
4. Sales help, but their contract prob does not let them give discounts.


At the risk of sounding like I am defending Rollabind, it is, IMHO, their manufacturing logistics that are FUBAR. The actual products are good and usable -- at least for me. The problem is reliable supply, which they do not have currently.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

I just picked up a junior

I just picked up a junior sized pleather journal, some plastic separators and a couple refill packets at a Staples in Dayton, OH. I was passing through on 6/30/2010 and happened to stop at one that was located south of I-675, on Wilmington Pk. They only had a few items in stock, though. :(

Just seen some

Was just in the Bowie, MD, Staples, and there were a very few Rolla products available on the bottom shelf of a 'back-to-school' display. I bought some dividers more to 'support' the product. The colors are a bit garish for my taste. But they popped into my circa-based big notebook just fine.

Disorganized but trying

quality/cost analysis

I just have circa, and it's great quality. No writing on rings.
Rollabind seems to be lower quality, from what you guys said.
I saw a Rolla notebook, it was repulsive. Yucky covers, not-so-smooth rings.
But they seem to be cheaper.

So, quality/cost analysis, anyone?
If you have all three or 2/3, what did you pay, and is the quality difference worth the cost difference.

Rollabind/Staples, etc.

Hi everyone,
This is my first post. I'm so enjoying the site and have downloaded every template to try it out. I had no idea until a week or so ago that there were other planner geeks out there ;)

I stumbled on Rollabind at my Staples in Cumming, Ga a couple months ago. I was enamored, bought the only two junior size tan faux leather on the shelves. Since then, I have discovered Levenger,, and ebay. My Staples had a few junior-size plastic tab dividers a few weeks ago, but I passed on them due to the garish colors as one poster pointed out.

ebay has a levenger outlet store, and also a generic rollabind seller, from whom I purchased a dozen cheaper "rollabind" notebooks for a reasonable price.

I believe I'll be hanging out here a lot from now on, thank you very much!

Found at Staples

I just returned from Staples and found several junior/classic size rollabind notebooks at my Staples. They were found in the "journal" aisle rather than the planner aisle. Next to the notebooks were the junior size tab dividers plus letter size.