pocket filofax printables HELP!!!!

Hi newbie here from the UK. I just purchased a filofax pocket organizer and was wondering how i go about making my own refills for them as all the templates I can see are for bigger size planners?! I am rubbish with I.T so any help, advice, links would be really helpful thanks x

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what are the exact dimensions of the paper?

I think pretty much every size is here somewhere, you just need to dig. There are TONS of Filofax size (I think it is around 3.75X6.25). There are quarter size which would be around 4.25X5.5, Classic, 5X8, etc. So, let us know and we can try to narrow your search a little.

Also, since most of the templates open in Adobe (pdf files), I sometimes cut the part out that I want (from the document), past it into Word and resize it to the exact dimension I want. Just a thought!


filofax size

81 x 120mm according to their website so what i am after is 2009 diary day to a page/ week to two pages, To do lists and anything else that would be handy for that size! a kind of package that i can print so I can get many maximum yrs worth of use out of my filofax really! HELP!

Filofax Pocket size = 3x5 index card = hPDA = Hipster

In inches, the pocket size is 3.25 wide by 4.75 tall. Which means that 3x5 templates, of which there are many here, would be a bit too tall--I have a Filofax pocket size, and it looks like the extra quarter inch in length would interfere a bit with the things you press to open the rings. But you might use the 3x5 index card templates and just trim the printouts a bit top and bottom.

If you click on the purple Templates tab at the upper right of this page, on the next page click on Templates Directory, and then on the next page in the drop-down box select Index Card (3x5), there are three pages of templates.

Try printing out just one page from one of the pdf's and see how that works--maybe you can just trim off a little.

Then you might also try the official DIY planner and Dynamic templates.
Good luck!

Go Dynamic !!

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I only just joined, but

I only just joined, but can't get off this site!!

I wanted to say that I just posted an MS Word template that contains a 2up Weekly Calendar for filofax personal size, 6.75x3.75 inches.

Each big square (gosh, getting technical now) is just a text box. Inside the text box is just 4 column table. But, highlight the text box, then drop the Format menu down and choose "Format Text Box". In here you can type the exact size of box you want. Change to the pocket sizes. Do for all 4 boxes, and then print on duplex and see if it lines up front and back.

May it will work first time. If not, you haven't lost a lot of time. But if it does work, save the template, then you can copy from it and create more templates.

Oh, and post the template to this site :o)