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Kim Komando is featuring the pocketmod site today:

you build a one page planner using provided templates and then you fold it up.

I am folding challenged, so I am off to try doing it on my own

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You'll Get The Hang Of It

Once you do the folding a time or two, you will refigure it out even if you don't do for months. is another site setup when the original went dead for many months. It has some different pages you might find useful.

I use pockemod every so often. Often just carry one with a yearly calendar and the other pages blank or with lines. Othertimes I set it up to carry for 3-4 weeks, writing down my schedule. Depends on how busy life is.

There are even ways to cut the paper, once folded, so you have access to the inside pages. Trying to print on both sides never worked for me on any printer I tried. The lines were always off. I forget how to do the cutting, but it was nice to have a bit more space for notes.