Advice wanted on A4 format binding systems


I'm not sure if I am posting in the right forum, sorry if i am.

I am interested in making my own notebook as I want to use custom cornel template formts. I have seen the instructions on this site using circa or similar which look good but I need an A4 system that will allow me to make acustom cover etc and then insert the pages as I want.

Does anyone have any tips?


david M

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Invest in a Circa desktop

Invest in a Circa desktop punch.

I also use the A4 format and own a Circa desktop punch to make my own Circa notebooks. The desktop punch can take A4 size paper.

I agree.

I agree.

thanks for this. but what

thanks for this. but what about covers? the circa covers, dividers etc are presumably letter-size. Will I have to make my own cover etc?

david m

I made my own A4 covers. A4

I made my own A4 covers. A4 report covers are easily available. I also use A4 transparency sheets to protect the report covers. It's not like I had to specially cut them to size. A4 size is standard here in Malaysia.

Latest trend

The latest trend I've seen in fancy stationery shops is for notebooks with hard card or poly covers bound by 3 or 4 file rings.

You could make a 4 ring notebook using a standard 2 hole punch (obviously punching the pages twice), make covers and bind the lot together with the file rings (which cost almost nothing).

Aside being easy to do and using equipment you probably have already, the binding allows you to transfer the pages from your notebook into a standard off-the-shelf 2 or 4 ring A4 binder. That would be useful if you want to archive the contents into a larger binder.

The only negative is the possibility that the file rings will catch on something in your briefcase/bag. But that doesn't seem to stop the trendy stationery shops from selling the notebooks.