rollabind discs + great service

Just wanted to let you all know about a great seller I encountered. I needed rollabind discs, but didnt want to pay $6.00 in shipping most sites wanted. I googled & googled and found www dot talismanartifacts dot com . discs were 5/$1.00 for big ones and only like $1.00 shipping. Plus she is so friendly and responds quickly to emails. They don't have many colors right now, but I am sure we could drive up demand!

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THANKS - ordering today.

Great find. I'd been googling too....

thanks for the tip

I want to commit to Circa format for a BIG project, lasting for years. Will use Levenger as much as possible but for organizing rooms of notes will need to have cheaper options. If I can't price it out within budget in 30 days, I'll have to figure out *sigh* something else.