Help With a Specific Type of Journal

One of my friends was given a journal by his father when he was young, and he wants to get another one but he can't find one anywhere. The journal used a very thin paper that had gold gilded edges. Similar to the super thin paper used in Bibles. You know it almost looks like the tracing paper you used when you were a kid. Does anyone know where I could find a journal like this?

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I picked up something

I picked up something similar, although not quite quite as thin in paper weight as you have requested. I got a few of these from Winners, which is kind of like a Canadian version of TJ Maxx, I imagine --- distressed inventory goes through these stores. In any case, this particular journal was made by:

Gallery Leather Co.
Trenton Main 04605

It does have the gold edging on the pages, a ribbon mark, and has a leather cover.

You may wish to give them a call.

For extremely thin paper but still superb for fountain pen writing, I was a big fan of Letts' of London journals. I am not sure what they are like these days.


Thanks for the reply

I will contact Gallery first. Thanks so much!