Grad Student Daily Planner, 2-Up

I couldn't find any templates that worked for me, so with Spring Break at my disposal and my first-ever copy of MS Word, I created my own.

  • One day per half-page when printed 2-up;
  • Checkboxes for daily tasks;
  • Large column for reading assignments; three smaller columns for writing, household, "other";
  • Designed to print double-sided;
  • Font used is Blue Highway, which comes with MS Word.

I've attached the MS Word and PDF versions, for two weeks only. It's easy enough to change the date in Word and print each set of two weeks.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

I printed out ten weeks' worth, for the spring quarter; because I got syllabi at the beginning, I was able to sketch in major due dates ahead of time, and can write in reading assignments as they're assigned.

Be sure to print double-sided, or you'll wind up having to cut and tape things together, which isn't very efficient.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
MS Word, Preview/Adobe Acrobat Reader
Grad Student Daily Planner, MS Word247 KB
Grad Student Daily Planner, PDF317.64 KB
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Me like.

This works for Profs too.

AMAZING. Got myself a

Got myself a not-so-elaborated version of that in coloured index cards.
Easier to carry, and easier to see when sticked in front of the monitor in the middle of the white paper clutter.

Love it! The best template

Love it! The best template I've found so far. I totally am glad that u put in a box for household as well, coz I'm a postgrad mommy, so a lot is revolved around the household as well (e.g. groceries, what's for dinner, etc)... thanks for sharing... saves me a lot of time!