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I know there has been some discussion about this in the past (yes, google was my friend) but I'm still looking for an easy solution. Has anyone found a corner punch that will perforate a corner? I love the ability to tear off the corner of a page that is done like the Levenger agenda corners but performating corners with a sewing machine is definitely not my style. I'd like a simple corner punch, then I could perforate, say, my Moleskine pages, or my diy agenda pages, or any other pages in a journal as I finish with them. I have searched the internet several times but have had no luck.

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Does it have to be a straight diagonal cut?

If you are only looking to remove the corners as you go (versus prepunching the paper) why not just use a corner punch?

I punch the corners of my 'ongoing' cards, just to keep them from getting dog-ears, but I've noticed how much it makes the corners of the (transient) non-rounded cards stick out -- even though it only clips off about a millimeter deep. It's plenty deep enough to make the break from clipped to non-clipped easy to find by sight or touch.

Since the punches are small (mine is about 1 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches, manufacturer is "Marvy"))you could carry one easily in a purse. Or, since they're pretty cheap (mine cost about $7) buy a couple and keep one handy at work, in your briefcase, at your home desk, etc.


I know for me it would have to be the straight diagonal perforating cut as my corners are already rounded. I have looked for punches like this before, but have not found. Hopefully someone here can find one!!! :)

nay nay

I still think your best bet

I still think your best bet is a sewing machine.

Google is your friend

How about...
Mini Rotary Perforator W/Folding Handle-18mm
EK CutterBee Bugs Perforator


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That's cool.

That's cool.

Google searching

How come when I searched google all I got were large rolls of perforated metal manufacturers or other similar but not useful for me products? Clearly my indexing categories do not align well with googles. This is also why I'm not a taxonomist.

I googled it too and found

I googled it too and found nothing except perforated paper products. So, obviously google doesn't like me as much as s/he likes Ygor! ;)

Thanks Ygor for the search and the finds - very cool items!!!

nay nay

I've seen small punches at

I've seen small punches at Staples, both that would do the perfed corners and rounded corners too. They look a lot like the punches you would find in craft stores that punch out teddy bears or other cute figures.

I saw them where they keep the paper cutters.

Hope this helps.