Memo Pockets?

I'm looking to make my own memo pockets ala the Moleskine Memo Pockets. I just want a couple more pockets than the Moleskine beastie provides.

Has anyone made something like this?

(Yes, Ygor, I'm Googling too).

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Accordion Fold Pockets

Actually, yes... there's lots of links that'll help you make more folds to your moleskine pocket. You'll want to search for "accordion fold pockets" or "accordion fold books".

I have come across instructions for making those pockets somwehere.. (maybe DIYSara's site? or from hawk's site? has them)

happy hunting,

Merci! Etsy ...

Googling earlier, I found some lovely hand-made ones at Etsy. I'd like to make some like those, but I've never yet even tried bookbinding.

Thanks for the additional search terms and site ideas. I'm going to check them out this weekend. I've been at my computer too long - spent nearly two hours on the phone with my company's support desk trying to get LiveMeeting sorted out.


You mean, like this?

I found these a while back. Found them again using expanding file in the search window to the right.


This I think I can work with ... wrong size, but I think I can get it sorted out.


There's one around here somewhere


I made a whole accordion file myself and posted a picture, but never did post the directions. Someone else beat me to it. :)

In the templates there's an accordion pocket template with print/cut/fold/glue directions.

You don't have to go far to find what you need.


Here it is:


Here's the link to the template for the memo pocket. It's sized for 3x5 cards and is modular.

The one I made wasn't modular--it was a stand alone unit for 3x5 cards.

Anyway, once you know the principles and angles, you could resize to make a larger pocket.

Linkety Link


Did you try... ?

...looking in this forum ?

By doing that I (re)found:
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Why would I think of that?

Like I'm sort of braniac or something ... (c:

Thank you - and to everyone - I think I'm well on my way.

And that purse is divine. I think I've found my Secret Santa gift for this year. (c:


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