Write Free Book Giveaway Winner

Last week I proposed a contest to you all to win a copy of Write Free. I asked that you all submit your stories about what your perfect creative life would be like. Out of the 13 entrants, I selected one of the names at random. And we have a winner with wbb!

Wbb's answer was:

I'm retired from an exacting type career. I'm the Chair for the Finance Committee of my Home Owner Assoc. Never thought I was creative. Now that I'm on my spiritual journey, (that didn't fit in my exacting world either) I'm looking at life, nature more. I feel lacking, or "I can't do it", but my teachings say that is not the truth and to fully express the good, I must grow and stretch. Being open, creative in different ways is part of it.

Picked up a drawing kit from Costco and a Pentel Color Brush online. Still drawing stick figures, but I'm taking the time to look and see things differently.

Congratulations wbb, I'll be getting in touch with you for your address to send you the copy of Write Free. Thanks to everyone who posted a response, I hope your creative dreams come true!

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