Shamless self-plug

I'm not normally one to do this, but I admit, I am terribly excited about this. So I have to tell someone.

The blog Unclutterer, that I love, has chosen my home office as their office of the week! This is to cool. Especially since I joined their Flickr group less then a week ago. I've followed the blog for a while, but I had not joined the pic group.

I am really excited about this. A lot. Go figure.

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Very cool!

Like the other posters on the blog, I really like the planners on the thin shelf - everything at eye level. Of couse, a big smile broke out on my face when I looked closely and saw all of the circa-fied notebooks on that shelf!

Of course. Circa. And if you

Of course. Circa. And if you look closer, it's a DIY planner too.

Congrats Tournevis, Very

Congrats Tournevis,

Very nice work room and I also love the shelf idea.

You have every right to be excited!



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I love your space

I wish I could work up a little nook for me for my creative pursuits ... I love the clean, spare feeling of your office.



Oh i love your office! and many thanks for introducing me to ANOTHER awesome and inspiring website (and flickr group)!

Congrats and enjoy that spotlight hun!

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what a nice office!

clean and tidy for a mind to be clear.

That was great that they picked you!

congratulations. it is always good to see that some people do not live in office mayhem like um, some i know, who have never quite mastered the 'things' and 'objects' of earth.


with kind regards,

Thank you everyone.

Thank you everyone.

You SHOULD be proud!

The second I saw the photo, my mind went "ahh!" from the Feng Shui of it. I am inspired and MUST rid myself of all the memorabilia that clutters my workspace. It also doubles as a music room with guitars on the walls, etc. Too mnay hobbies---not enough time!

Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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