Please help a N00B who just does not get it

OK, please just tell me what to click!!! I am finding navigating round so difficult.

I want to make a planner, right. I want a daily section where the day is divided into 10 minute segments. then I want a box for those steven covey (important/non important/urgent etc) finally I just want a part to note seven sections of my life (spiritual, social, fitness etc)

I would like it in a daily and then weekly and monthly review.

Please could you help me with the simple clicks! like explain to a 5 year old. Where can I actually SEE the pages and make them the way I want.

Thank you ever so much.

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hi there, I'm still pretty new here too, but


if y ou click on the tab in the upper right hand corner, called TEMPLATES, it will take you to the place where you can click away on the links there and see all kinds of page set ups that you can download and print... you just have to scroll through them to see what fits best for your needs.

all best,

Very specific

Hi fadzaik.

You may not find what you want pre-made. That's a very specific layout you're describing.

However, I have seen templates in 15-minute increments, I think they were described as 'ADD' or 'ADHD' templates after the folks who wanted them the most.

The bit with the 'seven sections of life' you might be able to do with a 'harmony' form (in the 'official' templates, not the template directory. The Covey thing you'd find in a 'quadrant' form. I think that one is in the official templates also.

Now, if you want all of these things on a single page, you'll probably have to make it yourself. I don't recall seeing one like that in the last year and a half. To make it completely from scratch, you'd download the 'widget kit' and use to draw one up to your own specifications. You can also download the 'source file' of any template that's kinda close and tweak it using OpenOffice.

As far as click-by-click instructions, I'm sorry. I don't have that much time. Perhaps someone else can help from here.



thanks for those replies, I am very grateful.
On a more basic level what I wanted to know is where to go. I click on the 'templates tab' and then on the Official D*I*Y Planner Kits and I get 'page not found'. If I go to templates directory and click on one of the downloads I will get about 50 separate folders, none of which will open. what is going wrong?

Browser issue


I was going to say I have no problems, but I confirm your problems.

The Official kits gives me page not found, and the templates directory gives me a bunch of numbers in brackets.

This is not what is supposed to happen.

The dynamic templates seems to be working fine.


Hm. Fixed?


I browsed around a bit trying to see if there was another way to get to the templates areas, and it seems to have resolved.

Anyway, the purple templates tab is the place to go. The links on that page are supposed to take you somewhere useful. If they don't, then there's a problem.


Works for me

I'm using Firefox 3 beta 5, no problems.
Just checked IE - that worked fine also.