Levenger Catalogs

My first Levenger purchase was several months ago. In the past couple months I have noticed that we get one or two catalogs every week from them. These are 4 color glossy catalogs which have to be expensive to print.

Does anyone else get this bombarded with LevengerLit? If you could opt out of the catalog and instead get a $10 gift certificate every time they would send one would you prefer that?

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It doesn't seem that frequent ...

but I use Levenger catalogs the same way I use office supply stores - as simple stress relief - so I guess it doesn't bother me. I'm also partial to Improvements and Gardener's Supply.

The catalogs that annoy me are the ones we get from International Male ever since Schred ordered some underwear from Amazon. Those and the door-stop sized industrial supply catalogs due to Schred's profession - of which he has identical copies at work, where he needs 'em.


P.S. Did you see my note about my experience with ordering from you? (c:

it is just

that we get so many of them. They come every week and sometimes we get 2 in one week. I have never had a catalog company send me so many.


I used to get them only when

I used to get them only when I ordered from them. The catalog would be in the box with the items. I guess they found it expensive to send them separately to Malaysia!

But not anymore. Cuz I haven't ordered from Levenger in a long while. Their shipping costs, you know ...

Well, not regular shipping, anyway. The last time I ordered, a friend was going to Chicago, so dear Ryan sent them to her at the hotel and she brought them back for me.

Not hat many here...

I think I only get one every couple of months. At least, those are the ones I see. Maybe my wife throws them to to keep me from ordering anything else :)



I agree... I don't get that many. :( I adore browsing those lustrous pages of glorious products...

Perhaps you're on a "Special" list and get additional catalogs the rest of us don't?

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I seem to get them quite often. Sometimes 2-3 per month. I find it annoying and a HUGE waste of money! YES, I would definitely rather receive a gift card than all of the catalogs. PLUS, we receive the weekly emails and such. I just find it a waste. I order online, so catalogs do nothing for me except add more recycling to the bin! I would prefer just receiving emails. Art, I don't know if catalogs would be worth it for your company? But, this is coming from an online person. I would much rather get an email from your company than a catalog and I would LOVE to have a discount code or something instead of the catalog.

Smiles Art!
nay nay

P.S. This question also comes right after I went through 50 "junk catalogs" over the weekend, so I still have that experience in my mind! :)


I was reading something on unclutter - about keeping things online that you don't need to have physically - catalogs are a great example. I even stopped getting a newspaper - Sunday ads were great but I can find them online! Yay for saving paper! :) (and reducing clutter around the home ;P )

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But what about "The Reading Room" ?

All my catalogs go to The Reading Room

I took my laptop in There when I first got wireless networking, Just Because I Could.
But I do not make a habit of it due to my wife's reaction.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

LOL @ Ygor

You made me spew my drink all over my desk! "Reading Room" - I love it! Gotta call DH and tell him I have a new name for his room.

You spewed. My job here is done


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Great minds

That's where my catalogues go too. Hihihihi!

too many - I agree

I too prefer the online to the print that just goes to recycling (at best) or landfill (more likely). Of course it isn't just Levenger. We've recently moved, and are showing our house for sale. Even though we put in a change of address, that does cover catalogs and flyers and stuff. Since our door has a mail slot, that stuff just piles up in the entryway. I have to drive the four hours back to the house to clear it all out. Wading through a pile of catalogs and flyer sheets probably doesn't make a great first impression for a potential homebuyer.


They tend to make me mad and NOT buy from the company. Emails with discount codes (especially cummulative ones, would definitely make mw WANT to buy from the company.

my 10% off two cents,

My pet peeve!

Try the DMA list for junk mail and a No Soliciting sign for your door.

I used to hate the flyers, doorknob hangers, etc that got left on my porch. And the salesmen who came by right at the time I was in the middle of something I needed to do.

So I put up a No Soliciting card on our door and it's worked wonders. Since I put it up, NOTHING. There's a city ordinance that makes it illegal to leave something if there's a notice. I put it up one day when I was especially upset -- just took an index card and wrote on it with a Sharpie "No Soliciting No Handbills No Doortags Thanks" and it has been out there pinned to the door for a couple of years. I thought about getting a fancy one from Home Depot but decided to leave my DIY one up since it's working.

I used to hate having to go out and pick these things up from the porch or get them off the door with the rubber bands that are designed to make it rocket science to get them all off. It felt like the advertisers were controlling me, as if I were their servant. I refused to look at the advertisements since they annoyed me so much. Now I don't get any of that.

The school kids don't come by either with their band chocolate etc. Or the girl scouts. Oh, well.

Of course, it doesn't help with the mail, but I got on the DMA list and that has helped a lot, though it didn't get instant results but took several months.

Gosh, it would really upset me to have to drive several hours to clean up this stuff.

I am an

online person myself. I did order a shirt once from a catalog and liked it. So I ordered one more of the same and another in a different color. The different color one arrived and it was a different shirt. I returned it. Then, a month later I got an email saying the other shirt is backorderd and they would let me know when it came in. So I just canceled the order. That is the only time I ever ordered from a catalog. I ordered some agility equipment online for my Belgian Shepherd. They billed my CC and the stuff never came. Two months later it never came. I got my money back. Then I ordered something better from another company for the same cost and it came in 4 days. Barnes and Noble, Buy.com, newegg, Levenger and a couple radio electronics companies are regular companies we order online from and they have all been good.

Anyway... I would rather trade the cost of the Levenger catalog for a gift cert any day. Wonder how much it would be?


not fair

I seem to place an order every week and i never get catalogs with my orders. the ONLY time i get catalogs is when i go on the site and request them or when i call in asking for one.

i want all the catalogs you are getting :)

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Not like this you don't

i want all the catalogs you are getting :)

I doubt you do really.

My wife buys shoes from a manufacturer. She gets a new catalogue from them every two weeks. I know you ladies like shoes but this is ridiculous.

Also someone I know (a sole trader) went on a training course run by Learning Tree. They started to send him cataloges. Then they started sending him a second copy. Then it became three copies. When it got to 17!!! he contacted them to say "no more please there is only me". Next time there was a difference; they sent all 17 copies in the same package!

Personally I do't want any catalogues. Even the occasional one from Viking (the office supplies people) is too frequent for me.

Little, if anything, changes in these catalogues --- except the prices. I'd rather go look up the web site. If nothing else it saves trees.


we are only up to 2 of each from Levenger. But it has only been a few months. I guess this sort of thing happens when machines run things.

That is pretty funny. Instead of sending 17 in different packages they sent all 17 copies in one. Someone must have a sense of humor at Learning Tree.


Very true, the website is

Very true, the website is usually more extensive and allows searches anyway.

Another company not to order from is Johnston & Murphy. I ordered a gift card for my partner from them because I was too lazy to go to their store for it...bad idea. They sold my name like whoa and pretty soon I was getting other catalogs from other places that sell expensive men's clothing to some place selling steaks mail-order (did I mention I don't eat meat? :) ). I felt like calling them and saying "dude, he just likes your shoes! There's no way in hell he or I are ordering anything from Brooks Brothers, knock it off!"

I get them too. And it's

I get them too. And it's not like each is really different from the last. I guess I expect a company to put out a new catalog when their stock has changed significantly, y'know? Otherwise I"ll keep the old one if I want it.

I ordered from Levenger once--a Circa starter kit--and have been inundated ever since. They even got my new address after I moved, so they must've made a request with the post office to be notified of address changes.

I don't order much from Levenger. Though I love looking at their stuff, they're too leather-happy for my taste, and would be even if I bought leather. I'm unlikely to ever order again, or at least not for a very long time. I"m sure if I contact their customer service I can get taken off their mailing list but I haven't gotten around to it...so I suppose it's my own fault. :)

I've been getting them frequently too

but it goes in spurts. Sometimes I'll 3 or 4 a month then sometimes I'll go for months and get none. This past month I got 6! Go figure.

Taking a look at the

Taking a look at the catalogues "in the reading room", it looks like I have not gooten a new catalogue in more than a year. Me want a catalogue. *pouts*