Advice on US sized slim leather organizer - like the Filofax Executive Slimline

So, after my difficult end of year review (long story) decided to get organized. I've used Filofax in the past (from Scotland originally) so went to them again. Got myself a new Executive Slimline (FES for short) from a local store in the mall.

Features I like about the FES:
- Wonderful glove-like leather. Soft and opens *FLAT*, which is very important
- Rings are small so cannot stuff too much in. Which is great. I have just enough for the near future, and more pages in my desk drawer.
- Pen loop - why do some not have this?
- Pockets, and lots of them.
- ring binder style - I love tons of the templates on this site and want to print and use all of them!

My one gripe is that the credit / business card holders are Brit size, not American:

UK (most common) 3.346 × 2.165
United States (most common) 3.5 × 2

So I have 6 business card slots which are kind of unusable. I currently stick the cards in lengthwise, as the do not go in the normal way. But it is getting on my nerves like this, LOL!

Does anyone use a similar type of organizer, that has US dimensions? I've seen the Covey, Day-R and Day-T at my local staples, but they all seemed to be stiff leather that would not open flat, or too thick and chunky.

If you think you have something similar, or other suggestions, make and model would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance,
jim :o)

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Solved on the cheap

While browsing in Staples it dawned on me. A business card holder insert in American size. So, Day Runner Vertical business card holder 6 hole fits perfectly.

Even better, I gt to continue to use my lovely filo. The alternatives in Staples didn't even come close.