a tale of two Moleskines - journal vs. planner

I currently have two Moleskine notebooks. One was given to me and I use it weekly, sometimes every day. The other I paid for and I've ended up not using it. Here's what happened:

The one that was given me was an unopened 2006 daily calendar which I decided to use as a diary this year as a way to see if I like Moleskine notebooks. My big concern was if the ink I use in my fountain pen would feather & show thru on the paper. With the pens & ink I use, it doesn't (Waterman ink, Lamy pens with extra-fine nibs, in case you were wondering). The page size of the large daily Moleskine (8 x 5 inches) is just the right size for the average day when I have something worth writing about. Any longer feels like I'm rambling. Also, I find myself journaling more often than I did. Using regular notebooks, I'll journal only when something HUGE happens. So I end up with 10 pages for a year, in clumps of 2 or 3 in a week and then nothing for a few months.

With the daily Moleskine, I feel like I need to write something at least a couple times a week or else I'm wasting it. This also helps with the "What DID I actually do last week?" kind of feeling. I'll likely end up buying another daily Moleskine for a journal next year. My only minor complaints (besides the day of the week being a bit off because of this being a 2006 notebook) is the hours printed on the page. I find this slightly ignoring, but I've just been ignoring it. I wonder if there's something similar that doesn't have the hours printed?

I like the daily Moleskine so much, I decided I'd like to try the weekly Moleskine as part of my planner. I had a Circa notebook with 1 inch rings. I switched out the 1 inch rings with 3/4 inch rings and put the smaller Circa (with no calendar) in with the weekly Moleskine in the same binder.

I found something odd: I tend to look at the calendar once a day, but I rarely look at anything else in my planner notebook. It is also a bit clumsy having two notebooks as my planner, and the Moleskine doesn't like to stay open on the page I put it. This doesn't matter much with the journal. I open it, I write in it, and sometime later I open it to read it. With the planner, I like leaving it open for whenever I need it.

So, I've put the weekly Moleskine back on the shelf, loaded up the Circa notebook with calendar pages for the next 6 weeks and put the 2 year foldout calendar back in. I've also figured that there's some stuff in the notebook just taking up space:

* divider tabs - most sections of my planner are thinner than the tabs. For example my goals section has 1 page with goals for the year, one with goals for the month, and then one more page tracking progress. I've replaced these divider tabs with a Post-it Durable Tab on the first page of the section.

* Business card holder - I have no reason to keep business cards around long. Just until I put contact info in my address book. I keep business cards in the pockets in my binder.

So now my notebook consists only of 3 main sections: calendar, notes, and address book. My todos, someday/maybe list, and everything else I want to keep track of are within the notes section divided with the durable tabs.

I've also decided to get some more Levenger stuff to try out a couple things. The only reasons I keep my Circa in a binder is to keep stuff from falling out (not likely) and to hold a pen & pencil. I just ordered one of the double-barrel pen holders.

I have also ordered a junior size pocket dock-it for 3x5" cards. Between this, the pouch divider, and the zipper pouch, I should be able to hold everything in my notebook & not need a zipper binder to keep things from falling out. This will also let me foldover my Circa whenever I want to.

Also ordered 1 inch blue rings, in case I need some extra room. Last of all, I got some Circa monthly tabs. The 2 year fold out calendar is neat, but I like more room to write on each day. I want to print out 1 page per month & keep 12 months of that in my planner. I had some of these, but I gave them to my wife for her planner. Which reminds me - I noticed the pen holders come in packs of 2. I'm planning on giving her one of them.


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Yea for the happy Moleskine!

I kind of know what you're going through. I'm trying right now to get my office sorted out so I can have a decent workflow.

I'm still trying to work out my planner needs. I am using some pre-printed daily planner worksheets, but I don't currently have a carry-about calendar that I like.

I got the WeekDate planner, but am not as thrilled with it as I thought I would be. It's the wrong size for the way I work (too narrow). I think I'm going to make something similar for myself and put it in a Circa notebook. Hmmmm ... that sounds like a good project for this weekend, after we buy Schred's kayak. (I get mine in late May).

Please let me know what you think of the double-barrel pen holders. I've been eyeing them.

And of course, I'm very happy that your 2006 Daily is proving to be a good journal for you. (c: