Don't know where to post: How to make a simple stand to place a 3 ring binder at an angle on my desk for reference pages in viny

The Reference Organizers, Exectutive Organizers, "Flip-a-Files, are quite expensive. Doesn't anyone make a simple stand to hold a 3-ring binder to stand up at an angle on my desk so I can put my most used reference pages into vinyl sheets to use over & over throughout the day?

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Google is your friend

Look for a Binder Stand or you may wish to consider an Easel Binder - they stand up by themselves
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Two possibles...

Fellowes has the Booklift Copy Holder for about $12 that might do. It's Item No 405271 at Office Depot.

And there's the Fellowes Desktop Reference Rack for $40--it gets the material up higher off the desktop. Item No 596710 at Office Depot. I've never seen this at the stores, maybe you'd have to order it.

DIY Easel

Find the hard backing board with a built-in stand for a photo frame (perhaps at broken frame at a garage sale or get a very cheap one at a dollar store). Choose a backing board about the same size as your binder.

If the board is strong enough, temporarily attach the board to the back cover of your binder using elastic bands or clips.

If the stand is only strong enough to hold the plastic sleeves - punch 2 holes in the edge of the stand for 2 file rings. Attach the plastic sleeves to the stand with the file rings. Flip plastic sleeves as needed.

If you want top-flip sleeves you'll have to punch holes in the top of the plastic sleeves too.

Alternatively, if you're using a small binder you can buy stands/tiny easels for plates which might work.