2-hole punching with a circa binder

I am interested in the circa system but want to be able to 2-hold punch the paper so notes can subsequently go into a binder or file. Are there templates here that will do this?


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You mean you want to store your circa-punched paper in a ring binder when you're done with it? Is that what you're asking about?

If so, well, you need two punches rather than one, and you'd have to punch each page with both punches to make that work.

However, you can make up a binder that has fewer discs than a standard circa. So you don't have to have double the discs to archive your stuff. Then you just punch the paper once, use it in your regular notebook, then move it to your 'archive' book when you're done.

If you need ring-binding after you've disc-punched the paper, it'll work. The exact alignment of holes to smurfs might make a difference, but three-hole punching is reasonably compatible with disc-punching. Standard hole punchers put the holes further from the edge of the paper than disc-punching requires.

Disc-punched 'smurfs' tend to be about a third of an inch from the edge of the paper, while standard hole punchers put the hole closer to a half inch from the edge. So when you're printing your templates, you just need to keep that extra bit of margin in mind if you really require holes in addition to smurfs.


thanks, that helps. I wasnt

thanks, that helps. I wasnt sure if the smurfs would go too far into the paper to allow it to be re-punched and filed

This link may help you...

I tested the circa punch from Levenger on a sheet of prepunched three ring paper.

The middle ring hole almost clips the circa punch. Almost. So depending on the depth of your 3 hole punch you may or may not experience clipping.

Photo link