Templates Directory broken ?

Templates Directory is broken as of 1PM Eastern US time. See attachment of screenshot.

Templates directory.JPG122.17 KB
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Seems to be working now (1:22p CDT)

at least as of 1:22p CDT.

OOPS, broken again?

Seems to be broken again and going to the place as I showed on my JPEG. 3:04 PM ESDT.

Wrong URL

The templates directory is at http://www.diyplanner.com/templates/index
Your image shows a URL of http://www.diyplanner.com/directory and I get the same page. I think it is some Drupal behind-the-curtains stuff
How did you get to that URL ? I got to the templates by clicking on the purple tab at the top right.
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I went to...

Templates tab, then 'Templates Directory, a directory of user-submitted templates and links'. My JPEG shows where that link took me. Does seem working now. 3:02 PM ESDT. Thanks Ygor.

I saw that


That's what I was seeing a week or so ago.

I don't visit the templates directory much anymore, so I'm not sure what's going on, but whatever the problem is, it was intermittent when I saw it. I even clicked around a few different ways and within a ten minute span the error was there, then gone, then back again.