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SSSCCCCRRRREEAAAAAAMMMMMMM from nay nay :) Just thought I would add some "noise" for you ygor! :)


That woke me up, for a moment.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

it is quiet

I thought it was a bit quiet too, but I figured it was just because I was constantly looking for new posts in an effort to avoid work :-).

Speaking of too quiet...

...has anyone heard from Rasmussen lately? Tried to email him but received an "invalid e-mail address" return message error.

Rasmussen Update

Please read this forum post regarding Ryan's absence. He will be back... when he is ready. Until then, if you have NON-Levenger comments, you can send them to me or Doug and we will forward them to him so he can read them. Or you can post to that forum thread for him to see it.


archangel here, up to neck in post-its, lol

hi you guys, and Rasmussen is on to a new heaven, I read here. Congratulations!! Your thoughtful attentions were such an asset to Levengers, I thought.

you asked where we all are? here i am, waving hand.

I check in every day, and miss you guys, and am bsuy getting organized. It is actually working.... remember those thousands and thousands of post-it notes? They are no longer stack in boxes and bins stuck to each other every which way. Each one has its own index card, and each index card is coded (at least about half are so far, still struggling through this part) and then cards according to code are put in poly boxes and labeled.

Each card has an idea or hopefully decent thought that came to me, but is often beyond my intelligence, if you know what I mean... so I try to write these down religiously.

Some post-its unfortunately have several notations on them, and have to be cut apart so each can have its own card

I have questioned whether I am just 'dusting the cracks in the sidewalk" as I call it, ... you know busy work in order to be not busy with other things?

But, I've had to believe, like that old joke about the child happily mucking out a stall loaded with offal... and when asked why so happy, the child said, with all this sh__ , there's got to be a pony in here somewhere!

So, believing that there there might actually more than one pony in all those post its, it now appears that there indeed are, at least 7 ponies; meaning useful, living works that I've been adding to piece by piece for literally decades (even before post-its, I used 3x5 for those shards.)

That's what I've been doing almost non-stop, see? At my age (old) it was time anyway to bring order into what can be, and what must be left at the river for now... or forever

reading of y our commitments, and many kinds of efforts encouraged my will

Keep posting. I read daily, as I mentioned and find you all dear and informative and kind. And often wild. That's the sweetest of sweet.

with kindest regards,

Chicago Pen Show

Anybody else planning on going to this on Sunday?

busy at work

I haven't been to this site as much as I used to. Work has been getting much busier and I'm getting closer to having a planner that works for me. Still using Circa in Junior size. I've simplified things down to a calendar, notes section with a couple Post-It Durable Tabs for dividers, and an address book section. The only thing I'm experimenting right now is different fountain pens & doing my todo list on index cards in the Pocket Dock-It (so glad Levenger made that available in Junior size!)

I'm considering buying another foutain pen - the Lamy Logo. It seems slim enough to fit in my planner pen loop. The Lamy Studio isn't, which is sad. That's my favorite pen ever.

Too bad the Ohio Pen Show isn't until November.


You too?

I love my Lamy Studio. It's my planner pen, tucked into the pen loop of my junior Circa bookcloth notebook.

I had gone to compact format for a while, but getting paper for that size is a pain. I don't like Levenger's paper, and I don't currently have access to a printer. So for now I've gone back to junior size. It fits in my mini-backpack purse, and while I miss being able to stick it in a pocket I'm enjoying having more space to write. I also have great paper for it thanks to a friend, so writing in it is very pleasurable.

For my calendar I took my compact tabbed monthlies and put them at the front of the junior notebook. The size difference bugs me, but another friend wisely talked me out of buying the junior size tabs. (If I stick with the junior size for at least a month then I'll buy the bigger calendars. But only then. Maybe.)

My "planner" isn't really a planner. At least, not like working people use. It's just plain ruled paper, with a calendar in front and a couple of tabs in the back for filing notes (writing, personal, and reference).

For my journal I'm still using my Exacompta Journey notebook. I'm still loving it, too.

That's it for me. I've been quiet because I just haven't had much to say...

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Please hang around

Hi Please don't let the fact that you are coming closer to an ideal planning system stop you from tuning in to this site. You have great ideas and we need you here !!!