Post a pic / description of your perfect planner

I need some inspiration, from one of "us" like minded people. I try to talk about this stuff with my colleagues at lunch. But I usually find I've done all the talking, and their mouths are hanging open like "wtf is he talking about? Paper, I ask you?" and then they all go back to thumbing their blackberry's.


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Mine is...

Mine is the uber-simple but without equal out there. I use a vinyl portfolio from a hardware store. My calendar is on the left as I open it. It's a custom DIY, Circa bound Harvard-patterned planner. It has a week across two pages, 2 page month pages at proper intervals. There's a clear plastic sleeve on the back that holds miscellany.

This is where it's without equal: right side is a case bound, smyth sewn, acid free notebook. There's 190 gridded pages per volume and I fill one up in about 9 months. It's pretty near perfect for me!

The binder and original config can be seen here.

I don't currently have a pic of the entire thing, but I'll see about it.

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my setup

I have a simple setup, made with a circa notebook, DIY pages, and an old franklin planner binder. You can see it here.

You're on to something!

Thanks for sharing that. I'm getting down to simplifying what I need and it's becoming obvious that less complex is best for me - I love the idea of GTD, but it's far too complex for me to be able to maintain.

After doing some reading on organizing for people with ADD, I've come up with what I need and it echoes what someone posted in your comments section as well as some of your thoughts.

I need to see 1 week at a time for a big picture feel of basic commitments and a place to keep track of To-Do items that is sort of similar to the Ubiquitous Capture in GTD.

What I'm working on now is a two sided organizer - possibly similar to the PepperPot Ultimate Organizer that will use a weekly calendar and the Data Dump worksheet from PowerSystems, Inc..

For daily use - not in the planner - I use a couple of things: The PowerSystems Daily Planning Worksheet, a letter-sized notepad for taking notes during meetings, phone calls, etc and a small magnetic whiteboard upon which I put up my 3 Most Important Tasks ala Zen Habits, my phone calls to make for the day and anything I want to keep an eye on or use for inspiration.

The daily stuff gets Circa-punched and filed in a notebook as I have to keep track of my time for work. It serves as a diary that way - phone calls and notes and what I did that day all in one book, but I don't have to carry it around with me.

This is still a work in progress, but I feel like I'm getting there.

I found one thing that really helps is having a variety of colors. It resolves some of my resistance to structure by letting me feel creative or at least expressive in my use of a particular color of ink.

Well, I tried to respond to

Well, I tried to respond to this question but my post was flagged as potential spam. You can view my setup at www(dot)roadtoclarity(dot)net/archives/5.

Share your template?

The description of your hacked planner pages is intriguing! Do you have photos posted anywhere? Or could you share the template?