Let's talk about paper

In response to "it's too quiet here"..... I agree, I haven't been distracted enough by this site lately.

Anyway - has anyone found good sources for stationery? I use americanstationery dot com (no affiliation, etc.) for both my personal and professional personalized notes, but I'm always looking for another source. nothing too expensive - just nice. Thoughts?

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I asked...

about it in the local office supplies and they told me that the problem with stationery it that it would not move.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Singing to the ...

I think ygor is singing to the quire and that's sheaf of old joke. :-) Or is it paper-cut humour? Will anyone feint from laughter? Will they see plain through all this. :-)))


at all of you! Thanks for the afternoon giggles!

Oh, sheet...

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

pinstriped paper

For the longest time I was in search of the thinnest paper possible. I wrote with very fine ballpoint pens, and I wanted my journals to be as thin and light as possible. Notebook filler paper is about 18lb paper, and was as thin as I could consistently find that worked for writing on both sides.

Now, and I blame it ALL on this web site, I use Circa bound journals and very fine fountain pens, both of which require a heavier weight paper. So now I like to use Career Builders 32lb white pinstriped resume paper. My journals are not lighter, but because I don't have the wasted space of three ring binders, they are still thinner.

I've got to say, I probably would have spent less NOT doing it myself and NOT getting sucked back into pens and paper.

But I don't care, I love my custom journals, with custom planning pages, in custom covers from my own DVD cases or Shitajiki, punched with my Rolla punch, some on custom made rings, and all on 32lb ultra white pinstriped paper!

About the paper, 32lb seems to be a good weight for me for both writing, and holding up to all the placing and replacing I do of pages in my notebooks, without becoming too card-stocky. So far different resume papers are about as crazy as I've gotten.



Clunky website, but Pendemonium has always been one of my favorite suppliers of both paper and pen supplies. The staff are super-responsive and very friendly. See the Stationery section for Clairefontaine, Exacompta, Rhodia and other high-quality fountain-pen-friendly paper. My only problem with them is that the items I'm interested in are often out of stock, and I have to be patient. Still, it's a North American supplier, and I know there's dedicated, caring people behind it.

all my best,

paper in Australia

Once or twice a year I go to a few small printing/photocopying shops and ask if they have any leftover paper for sale. They're usually happy to get some money for spare sheets. I've found it a great way to find very nice paper that I couldn't afford to buy by the ream.

If you want something artistic and very Australian, eurabapaper dot com is worth a look. Euraba Paper is run by a group of Aboriginal Artists and the paper reflects their artistic interests. The paper is handmade rag paper in colours that are used in indigenous Australian art and reflect the Australian bush.
(I have no connection with Euraba, I'm just addicted to beautiful paper).

what a great idea

on the spare paper. I used to do that for envelopes - go to Hallmark and ask to buy the spares - nice way to get colorful, good quality envelopes for cheap - but I haven't had any luck with that recently.

Small stores are better

I've found that "Mom and Pop" stores (or as we call them here, "Mum and Dad" shops) are usually better sources of small amounts of higher quality paper than any of the chain or mall stores.

P.S. the address for Euraba is 'eurabapaper dot com dot au'. For some reason I can't edit my previous post. (Probably because I posted it from a different computer).