Printing favor?

I'm trying to make a letter-size page with three compact Circa size pages on it, to take to the print shop to be copied and cut. (I hate Levenger's paper, and this is the only thing I can think of to give me compact size pages.)

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a printer. So I was wondering if one of my fellow planner geeks could print the file and make sure everything lines up okay when the pages are printed to both sides of a sheet of paper.

If it works I'll contribute the pages to the template directory so anyone can use them. I'm attaching the OOo Draw file as well as the PDF, but if you test print it for me print from the PDF because that's what will go to the print shop.


CompactNotes-Letter.pdf79.99 KB
CompactNotes-Letter.odg58.59 KB
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I printed them and they look to line up quite well. I think this is a GO!

:) nay nay

Mine didn't...

Strange - I printed as well, and mine do not line up. I'll try again just in case it's user error.


Tried again - it's really hard to see because of the way the shading is, but they seem to be off. One of the top ones lines up perfectly, the other is off by 1/2 an inch. Bottom one is off by about 1/4 of an inch. It's not much, but enough that if you're cutting they won't fit quite right.

Print Layout

I find the layout for correct double-sided printing is very much printer dependent. I do my design/layout in Adobe Illustrator and can design things perfectly centered and lined up and they will not print out properly on my Epson printer. For some reason due to paper feeding or whatever, I need to offset my layouts to the right about a 1/16" or so and then they print perfectly when I do double sided.

My advice is to use the rulers and guides and lay out your pages so they are perfect in the Draw file (and therefore your PDF) and give that to the printer. They should be doing the setup on their end to make it print correctly. They'll know what they need to do for their own equipment.

Good Luck!


I'll double check my lines and then take the file to the printer. Thanks for the advice, and thanks to those who tested for me!

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