Pages for working mom?

I'm trying to set up my planner for more effective/efficient use and could use some suggestions.

I work for a CPA. I'm full time during 6 months of the year, and work 4 days a week the other 6 months. I have an almost 3 year old and an almost 1 year old. They go between 2 different baby sitters during the week. My husband is a landman for a gas company, so he has pretty standard hours but occassionaly has to leave for work early or gets home pretty late.

We don't have too many appointments, other than the standard doctor visits for check ups, weddings, etc. So my life is pretty much task driven (outside of work) with few appointments.

I currently use my PDA for contacts, and my grocery shopping (Use handyshopper to help control spending). I use paper for everything else, i.e calendar, to do lists, notes, journal, etc. I have a compact FC Friday binder that holds the PDA & my paper. It's a little heavy but I like having both things with me. Having 2 little ones I have mother induced alzheimers, so if I don't have my system with me, nothing gets done and I forget my own name.

Any suggestions on making this more efficient? Any template suggestions or other systems that might work better for me?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Pages for Working Mom

Have you seen They have some sample pages you can try for free. If you like them, there is a discount code: MOTHERSDAY for 15% off until May 12.

What don't you like?


What don't you like about your current system? The idea is to keep all the good stuff and fix only what's wrong.

I've tried a bunch of stuff myself, with two 3-year-olds and a full time job, and I came to the conclusion that I get bored and like to switch up frequently regardless of whether my system works or not. I've never found a system that I love enough and that works well enough not to mess with.

Anyway, I'm with you on the heavy, and on wanting to keep everything with you, and the total lack of memory that goes with mommyhood. With three straight years of interrupted sleep, I'll forget we had this chat within an hour. :)

For lightness, I really like my 3x5 sized planner. You can't beat that for light, if you print your stuff on paper instead of index cards. :) Compact isn't much bigger, but I get 5 3x5s per letter-size sheet, and I think compact only squeezes 3 pages out of a letter page.

...just to prove I'm a forgetful mom, my son interrupted me while I was writing this note last night, and I forgot all about it until I sat down at the computer this morning.

I bought a shirt pocket briefcase from Levenger to hold a few 3x5 cards, and I keep a pen in my jeans pocket so I can always jot down that important stuff before it escapes. Of course, some things escape before I have the pen and card out..


Another idea

If you have not yet gone to "run don't walk" to the computer to start this wonderful program. I promise you will not be disappointed. I wish she were around when my kids were little. This is good whether a person has kids or not, it's a great way to get organized. Good luck !!!