Printing from Microsoft Word vs OO

I am trying to print templates directly on 3x5 cards. I have a NEC SuperScript 870 laser printer, which is capable of printing on 3x5 index cards.

When I open the 1-up template PDF files I dont see an option for 3x5 or 'Index Card' paper size for printing.

I opened the graphics version of the templates in the OpenOffice Draw, confirmed that size/layout of the template was 3x5 and tried to print via OpenOffice. Print output came out as if I had tried to print a 3x5 card on a 8x11 sheet, which is not what I want.

Only way I am able to print properly on 3x5 cards is via Microsoft Office. I created an empty document with 3x5 dimension. Then i Copy and Paste the template from Open Office. Word automatically resizes the drawing to the 3x5 document and print output from word comes out nice and clean on the 3x5 cards.

My question is: what am I doing wrong in PDF or OO that my printer is not printing correctly on the index cards. Are there any tweaks I have to do in Acrobat or OO to make them send proper output to the printer ? Any suggestions, hints ?


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Printing in Acrobat

Two things to make sure:

1) You tell Acrobat *not* to scale or centre the page. The little preview window should show the card on the page at top left. (This is the most common reason for your problem -- see the Documents section for FAQs and Printing How-To's.)
2) If that doesn't work, try setting a new paper size in your printer settings to force 3x5.

Let us know how it goes, and we can work from there.

all my best,