New Product and Special Member Discount Offer

I have a big announcement for all our members here at Renaissance Art, makers of the wonderful leather products, have announced their latest creation as being ready for purchase: Ring-bound system Covers and Bags. These wonderful hand-crafted leather cases are semi-customizable and available for use with your classic and letter sized ring-bound notebook systems (such as Levenger's Circa and Rollabind).

There are many different styles of closures to choose from and each can be outfitted with a customized variety of pockets to match your lifestyle. But that's not all...

For those of us who are constantly on the go, Renaissance Art came up with the perfect modular bag system. This modular system allows you to carry all your gear and a classic or letter-sized notebook in one complete package. This shoulder-sling bag comes with a cozy main component that holds your wallet, pens, ring-bound PDA, tarot deck, Moleskine, or whatever else you "just have to have" while being out and about. It comes with a separate and detachable leather journal case that you can slip your notebook into. The journal component then clips onto the back side of the sling bag. I've been carrying around one of these bags for about 2 months now and I can say that it's one of the most unique and innovative bags around. It's an absolute joy to use. I'm able to carry everything I need for journaling in the main pocket and then have the journal right there, ready for me to write into when I have a few spare moments.

Go here to view the full product lineup and start customizing a case or bag of your own.

Starting 7/MAY/08 and going through 11/MAY/08, Arthur (owner of Renaissance Art) is graciously giving all DIYP members a 10% off discount off all the core "Ring-bound cover" products. Use the code DIYP1 when checking out to receive your discount. This includes the covers, modular covers and modular bags--14 new products in all. The offer does not include any of the additional options which may increase the price of the core cover or bag.(Hint: Due to a little glitch in their system, if you order a complete Modular ring-bound bag system and get only one shoulder strap, it works out that you get a little larger discount).

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my jaw is on my desk and I am drooling! Talk about customization! I can choose what size pockets I want inside my bag???? HELLO! That is sooooo cool!

Arthur - I think you have outdone yourself! Thank you for all of the great products you have produced! (And for the great discount!)

nay nay

A few questions for Arthur...

Pardon the puddles of drool. Very nice products. I must say that they appeal to me much more than the Levenger products. But that's 'cause I'm more a jeans and flannel shirt kinda guy. Were I more of a corporate three-piece suit type, I would probably prefer the Levenger stuff.

I am not certain how the modular cover stays closed. Do you use the strap clip and the rings to hold it together ?

Will a classic notebook fit in the back pocket of the classic modular bag ? It looks like it will, but I'd rather ask and be sure.
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I do not even

own a suit. Believe it or not, I was a stock broker for 10 years thru most of the 80's and early 90's. What was I thinking?

To answer your questions...
1. the modular cover is meant to be carried with the shoulder strap with the rings clipped together. If you would like it to stay closed on its own without the shoulder strap we can add an additional closure on the order of this:

or this:

Mention which you would like in the Special Instructions box. We will do it for free thru Sunday for all DIYP people. After that not sure.

If people here think it is a good idea we will just add it to the product. It was a question that came up while we were developing this product.

2. a classic size circa with any ring size will not fit into the classic size modular bag. A large Moleskine journal will fit into the classic size modular bag.

Hope this helps.


You da man, Arthur :)

Your answers do help. Thanks.

I expect a classic notebook will fit into a letter size modular bag. Hmmm, only $20 more.
In your product development, did you consider a zippered closure for the cover ? Would you be willing to try one ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


The reason we started making bags was because the zipper on my Mountainsmith fanny pack broke. So, we do not do zippers because they break and for me, having a broken zipper on something just makes me not want to use it.

Any ring size classic will easily fit into the letter size bag. Yes, $20 more. That is because it is a matter of one more POVS and some extra leather. Construction time is almost the same for both sizes. Our pricing philosophy is not to get what we can but to charge what is fair in relation to our materials and time. But we are always happy to raise our prices at the request of our customers :)

If the bag is the thing for you and not the modular-ness... then we do custom bags in the form of our Custom Laptop Bags. You can just build your bag around a pretend laptop.


So, this is NOT the Junior size...right?

Hi! I LOVE these products and am ready to order after I break tihe news to DH! I am mostly into the Junion size, though. When Renissance Arts says Classic does it really mean Circa Classic Size? This may be a dumb question but better to ask now, than. . .

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Jr Size?

Here is what the site says for the Circa Covers. I guess we need to know the exact dimensions of your "notebook" in order to know if it will fit exactly?? To me, Classic and Junior are the same size, but that might be different for every person, so tell us your dimensions exactly...

"Covers fit Circa and Rollabind brands and come in the Classic 5.5X8.5 inch size and the Letter 8.5X11 inch size."

Junior size page is...

The Junior size page is a piece of paper folded in half. The Classic size page is: 3 3/4 inches by 6 1/2 inches. The notebooks that form around them vary as to whether they are fold ups or zip folios. My agenda notebook has Junior size paper but the zip notebook itself is 8 x 9". I am guessing that a person would use this Circa notebook attached to the case as a "catch" notebook to catch info and then get to the office and file it properly. Is that the idea?
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Very Happy!

This has seriously made my day. I've been patiently checking the website for weeks waiting to see when the Circa Covers would be up for sale. I know what I'll be doing tonight!

And thanks so much for the 10% discount Arthur. That's very generous of you! Hmmm....maybe given the discount I'll buy one for my husband's circa. :-)