A Dangerous Place is the Levenger Store

First time poster here.

I recently moved to a new job at work and quickly realized that my juggling skills weren't up to the new workload. Way back when I used a Geodex system which worked well, but they're long gone. I've been looking around and researching different methods and systems and stumbled upon this place (probably from 43 Folders, but I'm not certain about that). Thanks to everyone here for the wonderful ideas, inspiration and sharing of your talents.

I've printed and chopped up some forms and my wife and I bought cheap 3-ring classic-sized binders for starters (we can upgrade later if this works). I had *almost* ordered some Circa starter kits last week, but finally didn't because it was a lot of money to spend "blind".

Then someone, I don't remember who, mentioned that there was a Levenger store in the Northwest 'burbs of Washington DC. And, we just happened to have an appointment this afternoon not too awful far from there. So we stopped in.

Wow. Being able to see and hold the products made all the difference in the world. There was a nice table full of various pages and rings and doo-dads in all sizes, and you could get a good feel for what would work for you.

Another table held dozens of their True Writer pens that you could test write with. All the bags and folios and covers and furniture was out where you could see and touch and check out in detail.

We left with two Junior starter kits, a couple of page finders, and the desktop hole punch. Between that and the templates here, I think we can both set up systems that will work for us fairly inexpensively.

I'm thankful that the Levenger store isn't all that close to where I live. That could be a very bad thing.

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Levenger Store

I am so glad to know that Levenger has a store in Washington D.C. My daughter lives there and we will be going this month. I will be sure to find that store and stop by. Yes, it really makes a difference when you can see and feel the merchandise. I have been happy with my two (thus far) Levenger purchases. Such high quality and many things you can't find elsewhere.

Levenger = Dangerous Place

Tell me about it! The Boston Levenger is at the Prudential Center and my husband always knows what "I just need to stop by the Pru before I head home," means. :-)

levenger = dangerous

I visited both Chicago stores when I was there earlier this year. I spent more time at the Levenger boutique in the State Street Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields) than I did in the ladies' shoe section.

- DIY girl who also owns 100+ pairs of shoes