tracking daily goals/habits?

I've been trying to figure out a good way to track daily goals, habits, or whatever you'd want to call something like this. As an example, one of my goals for this month is to exercise at least 5 times a week. How I'm currently tracking it is I have an index card stuck in the middle of a this week's planning pages (two pages per week, Levenger Circa notebook). The index card has my goals written down for the month, something like this:

Exercise 5x/week
Do devotions 6x/week

Then every day I do what I'm supposed to I write a shortened version of it and put a check mark next to it. For example today looks something like this:

checkmark devotions
checkmark Ex: 30 minutes on treadmill

Anyone have any better ideas of some way to do this? I've tried out a program called Sciral Consistency ($25 for Mac or Windows) and it seems pretty cool but not what I'm looking for. I want something I can input I want to exercise 5 - 7 times a week and it will track how I'm doing. If you put 5 - 7 in Consistency, it means you should exercise every 5 to 7 days. Whoops. That's not what I meant.

Paper or Mac-based suggestions are preferred, but any ideas would be good.


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Joe's Goals

Joe's Goals is free web app that's really easy to use. You can track positive things, negative things, and have a log book for different subjects.

I need to start using it again myself, now that I'm exercising again...

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My daily task solution

I use a Moleskin planner -- days for the entire week on left, blank lines on right. At the top of each right page I put my daily track... first line is Devotion [ ] M; [ ] T; [ ] W; [ ] Th; [ ] Fri. When I am doing something else on a daily basis -- Example, Check # Apps I will do the same thing. For the next two weeks while my wife is gone I will have one line that says Water Deck Plants (each day) another that will say Water front with [ ] M; [ ] W; [ ] F and another that says Water Back with [ ] Tu; [ ] Th; [ ]Sa -- on the Moleskin I use there are three blank lines before the lines are beside the weekday name.

Regarding my devotions, I do not mark what I have read -- I usually follow some plan, either a Bible Study I am involved in or a Read-Through plan I keep in my Bible.

The system seems to be simple enough to encourage consistency, and allows me the ability to self monitor.

To track exercise time you could have a big enough box to write in the minutes of exercise rather than just that it is done.

Hope this is helpful.

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I like this system

This kind of thing sounds like a great idea. I could do a line that says "Devotions" and then mark which days I do that. I don't keep track of what I read either. I've got one of those Bible in a year Bibles and have been putting check marks on the days I've read. I'm currently reading through all the days I missed last three times around.

For the exercise I could do half line a day to write down what I actually did (weights, treadmill, walk around the neighborhood, etc).

I have a Circa notebook with a custom calendar printed out that is very similar to the Moleskine weekly + notes format, which I think is what you are talking about.


Tracking habits

A "Mom Planner" recently posted here (under Templates, I think) shows an excellent format for tracking habits and things you need to do daily. I haven't responded to a post before so am not certain how to links you to that template, but I could email you a copy of my revision of it so you can see how I've modified to track my own exercise, water consumption, decluttering, etc.

Flow sheets

I am a nurse and I remember we used to use flow sheets for checking to be sure our home health patients followed a prescribed program such as blood pressure checks; diet; dr. appts. etc. Not everything was done everyday but the list of to dos was on the right of the page and the dates were across the top with a grid (graph paper) to check off or "yes" "no". Space was left at the bottom of the page for comments pertaining to the given date if the flow sheet wasn't enough to explain. It was a nice technique.

You might consider putting a 3x5 in your Bible so you can immediately see where you have been and what you have done. This could work with or without your other system.