Caught with 2 different sizes

Damn. What should I do? I've had a personal-sized Filofax for ten years, but when I started this job, it didn't feel quite enough. I kept it for personal purposes and made my own A5-sized for use as a researcher. One reason was that there are more forms available here in A5, another that as I get many papers in A4, it's easy to just fold them and store them in the same folder. (I actually made course notes there too.) I'm using a standard punch and folder for it, no special one from Filofax or the like. (This is a very practical choice - I don't have to carry my own punch around...)

Well, then I started to keep a diary. In A5, which proved to be a good size - the filofax would be too small for really relaxed writing which is important in this case. Also for other uses A5 would be good - actually at least for work I find it much better of these two. But, now I am quitting here, and the diary will be the only use for this folder... Still, I would like to carry it with me most of the time.

What is good about the personal, is that it is just small enough for my hand bag. No A5-sized folder fits there. Not that I use that bag even every week, but... For other uses the than the diary the personal sixe is quite ok, I'm used to it and I've come to the conclusion that privately I can live without that many self-made forms. Actually the ones found it the shop are good most of the time. (Cutting A4 -> A5 is fast, but A4 -> nxpersonal is much more work...)

But - 2 different sizes is NOT a very practical situation. How in earth could I solve this?

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Caught in differenz sizes

Hi, did you think about changing to rollabind or the circa binding (from levenger)? You will need a different punch, but you can use different format together. Check out this web site!

regular size + a pocket notebook?

I'm not sure if Filofax has anything like this, but is there a chance you can have a personal size notebook as your "carry with your everywhere" notebook and then something bigger (A4) as your full planner?

I'm not familiar enough with Filofax products to make any suggestions since I've never had any, but here's a couple things from brands I am familiar with you may want to check out. Franklin Covey has a thing called a Satellite that you can use with their "Monarch" and "Classic" sizes. It's a notebook about the size of a checkbook with holes in the right places you can use it in any of their larger binders. Also, the pages can be torn out so you can put them wherever you want in your planner.

And of course there is the ever-popular Circa/Rollabind option. I personally use a "Junior" size notebook as my planner, along with index cards for quick notes and then I also have a business-card sized notebook I keep in my wallet. The cards can either be put in pockets in my planner for short-term use or smurfed (hole punched) for the Circa system for something you want to keep in your planner longer.

Would Circa hole punching Filofax forms be a feasible option?


Combining filofax personal and A5

Hi Milja,

It sounds like you've got a system you really like. It's just the A5 folder that is a problem for you.

When you say you are using the A5 folder as a diary, are you using it as a calendar for your appointments etc? Or are you using the A5 folder to write details about your life (like a journal)?

If you're using the A5 folder as a journal-style diary, then I suggest leaving it at home when you use your handbag. Instead, you could carry the most recent pages from your A5 folder and some blank pages in your bag. Perhaps you could fold the pages, put them in an envelope and keep the envelope with your filofax.

If you're using the A5 folder as a calendar, then you will have to decide if you want to carry it everywhere (which means a new handbag) or copy the details to your personal filofax. Or, you could use A6 paper in your A5 folder and carry them loose inside your personal size filofax.

P.S. As you're in Finland, I suggest you do not change to Circa/Rolla. It's too expensive outside of the USA and Canada. Besides, you already have a system you like.

This might be it...

Thanks for your ideas everyone!

Yes, I mostly like my system, and it's getting better every day...

I had already discarded the idea of Circa/Rolla for the same reasons you mention.

And yes, I use A5 as a journal-style diary, I only have calendar in the filofax. Your idea seems worth trying. I actually started pondering that an A5 sheet is very close to the size of the personal folder, so just a plastic envelope/pouch might actually fit in... After this week I won't use the A5-folder for anything, as I quit this job and have only personal stuff left.

Actually, the nicest thing with A5 (besides it being good for the diary) is that it's so easy to hack. At least here, as A-sized papers and stuff are the standard. No need to look for a specific trademark, any will do, and after printing I just cut the A4 in two... But, as said, personal-sized Filofax is easier to carry along. And perhaps it is better that there are less temptations, as I have enough hobbies even without that much hacking ;)

Good to hear you

... know what you want to do!

Please let us know how it all works out.

It works well

Indeed, the problem was solved. I have my diary in A5 and everything else in the Filofax (which desperately needs new covers that I can't afford right now...) Of course at the moment it's easier as I have not been working since June.

We'll see what happens when I get a new job one day, or if I get to local politics...

- customizing Filofax Personal -

Best of Both worlds

Are you aware that you can get a B5 filofax ? also known as the 'Deskfax'and their ring configuration is three rows of three rings. The spacing is the same as the personal two three ring sets and therefore your personal pages will fit correctly in both binders. You could use you personal whilst out then transfer the pages to the larger filofax at home. Hope this is useful