cool photo albums for 3x5 or 4x5 cards, and a question about flip pages

Hi everyone, I just wanted to mention i just bought several 4x6 photo 'books' at Walgreens last night. Each holds 36 index cards, (4x6 or 3x5 cards). Each has a great poly-vy cover in a groovy color: a great lime, a bright coral, a bright violet, a dark green, and a turquoise

they were on sale for $1.50 each down from 1.99. A couple were .99 for they had a slightly bent page inside.

some have a see through pocket on the back page for putting extra cards

the cards load from the top and are sealed on the other three sides

I just put some labels on the spines: they are 'perfect bound' spines (squared off instead of rounded or folded), so they stand on shelf, spine out, labeled, and ready to be loaded or consulted

I am currently using mine (about 12 of them) to keep all 3x5 cards belonging to each of the top projects I'm working on in one discrete binder each. (I hope that made sense, I think the grammar is somehow 'off' in that sentence)

They are so lightweight and so portable and so simple, I can take it anywhere without hassle. Fits in purse, in glove box, anywhere.

I bog down at having to drag around a binder or zippered binder with rings, or even a circa for just writing/ keeping notes. If need be, as project grooooooowwwwwwwwwsss I can transfer cards to circa later.

I also hear Walmart has maybe this kind of photo album. Worth checking out.

I've also been looking for cascading or flip photo albums to tear out the pages and make my own, /// I'd orient for 3x5 vertically.... (all I've seen are horizontal orientations). I could also use cascading see-thru pages if they were about 6x5 (never heard of that size but one can always hope) and if so, one could put two 3x5 index cards in each page.

If you hear something on that let me know, ok?


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Check out Flipdex dot com for cascading pages....

regarding flip dex

thanks nay nay, I did check them out before I wrote this post. THey have horizontal cascading do-jobbers. Am looking for vertical cascading photo or see through pockets, if anyone see them, please let me know

thanks again nay nay