Circa Planner Compact vs. Junior

Hi all!
My first post (yay, lol)! I'm just wondering what you all like/use? I'd like something portable without being too small and I'm considering using a leather zip folio over the organizer so that I can "dock" my Hipster as well as hold loose cards. Anyone have any thoughts on the Junior or Compact size Levenger planers with the leather zip folio? Thanks so much!

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Cover size

I bought myself a bookcloth cover for my junior planner. That cover is smaller than a zip folio cover, and still added way too much bulk to my planner. It would be okay if it was something I just kept at an office, but I like being able to tuck my planner in a smallish bag to take with me. And the cover just took up too much room.

I've come to really appreciate the translucent covers, actually, because they keep things at a manageable size. Before, my planners always got so big because of the binders/covers -- even when the planner pages were small -- that they were heavy and awkward to carry. Plus I can stick my to-do list under the front cover of the planner and reference it without having to open up a big cover.

You can buy plastic pocket dividers from Levenger to store 3.x5s and spare pages in. That's what I do.

Just something to consider. Good luck in finding what works for you!

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